Women wearing a red beret in Paris

History of the Beret in France

The Beret is a piece of fashionable headwear one would typically associate with France, a country steeped in culture, food, art, and fashion. But what is the history of the Beret? It’s certainly more interesting than you may realize. The Beret goes back thousands of years, with evidence of it …

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man wearing an old fashioned wig

Wigs: Why They Were Fashionable

Wigs have existed in many different styles for thousands of years. Those most familiar with old-time movies and television depictions will have no trouble recalling the classic stereotype of the 18th-century judge, complete with a humongous powdered wig and a gown. Wigs were fashionable in the past because they covered …

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Mao hat

The Controversial Chairman Mao Hat Explained

Chairman Mao hats are popular in modern theater plays and specific parts of the Chinese fashion industry. They were much more famous a few decades ago, but they make an appearance every so often. However, there’s a lot of symbolism behind these Chinese hats. A Chairman Mao hat is designed …

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A magician creating magic from his top hat

Why Magicians Wear Top Hats

Top hats were a historic status symbol for the middle and upper classes during the Victorian Era. Today the Top Hat is still a popular accessory for formal occasions across the globe. What many people would now associate with a Top Hat is a magician. This identifiable symbol, along with …

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Deer Stalker Cap

Sherlock Holmes: His Hats Explained

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous detectives in the world. He is seen in hundreds of books, movies, and television shows, sporting his trusty detective hat.  Sherlock Holmes wears a deerstalker hat on the original book covers by Arthur Conan Doyle. The famous detective also appears in multiple …

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Indiana Jones costume

Indiana Jones: His Hats Explained

Indiana Jones is not complete without his hat and his whip. Even though many people can picture the famous hat, not many people know what kind of hat it is.  Indiana Jones wears a wide-brimmed, high-crowned sable fedora made of soft rabbit felt. The Herbert Johnson hat company designed the …

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pork pie hat

The Pork Pie Hat – Origin of the Name

Most hats have common names that are easy to remember, such as the baseball cap. On the other hand, a select few classic hats have unique names, such as the pork pie hat. But how did it get its name?  The pork pie hat was named after a popular pork-filled …

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Pencil drawing of Winston Churchill wearing his hat

Winston Churchill: His Hats Explained

In the early 21st Century, hats were a crucial part of a distinguished gentleman’s wardrobe. So ingrained was the hat culture that some hat styles became associated with famous historical figures. Winston Churchill wore a gray top hat, a straw Panama, a John Bull, and a tan Stetson, but he …

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Why Mercury was Used In Hat Production

Mercury, hat production and its devastating consequences. Over time, hat makers experimented with different materials to improve the quality of their hats. Mercury was used to produce hats until it became linked to some dire and unexpected consequences. Mercury made the felting process in hat production more efficient. The compound …

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