Differences Between a Boater and a Pork Pie Hat

boater hats

For hat enthusiasts all around the globe, comparing a boater and a pork pie hat may seem unusual. For those who are not as familiar with different hat styles, this particular pairing is encouraged by both of the styles’ narrow crowns, giving them a similar structure. Beyond this shape, boater …

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Difference Between a Plantation and a Colonial Style Panama Hat

man wearing plantation style Panama hat

Panama styles are rightfully beloved by many hat enthusiasts and are identifiable by their traditional cream color, black band detail, and straw material. Within the Panama hat family, however, there are a few different styles; though containing mostly subtle differences, they individually give off distinct feels and are often picked …

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Difference Between a Beanie and a Bonnet

woman wearing a beanie

Beanies and bonnets have a lot of corresponding characteristics, and their similar names mean they can often get confused with each other. In reality, both styles hold some notable differences and are generally dissimilar in their approach. So, what are these differences between beanies and bonnets?  The main physical difference …

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Difference Between a Safari and an Outback Hat

woman wearing safari hat

Both outback and safari hats are essential accessories for the outdoor-loving adventurer. The hats limit exposure to harsh elements such as UV rays, making it far more bearable and pleasant to spend a fun day under the sun. Despite their similar function, they also have a few differences in their …

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Difference Between Fedora and Gambler Style Panama Hats

fedora style panama hat

Panama hats are incredibly popular styles, suitable for a wide-array of different occasions. While a specific kind of hat may come to mind when many people think of a panama hat, there are actually quite a few different types within the overall style. Two of the most popular are the …

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