Ancient Egyptian images showing headgear

Hats in Ancient Egypt and What They Meant in Their Society

The Ancient Egyptians were a fascinating civilization, having been studied in depth by archeologists and historians alike. Traditional clothing and accessories – both physical models and the ones present in art – have been an important part of that research. They tell us a lot about the community, their religion, …

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Hats of U.S. Presidents Throughout History: Surprising Facts

Hats, although still a popular commodity today, have had periods of massive success throughout history. The accessory was – and is – worn by men and women of all professions and social classes, and U.S. presidents are no exception. Here are some surprising facts about what hats have meant for …

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70s cap

Hats in the 70s: Intriguing Facts

The 70s were an iconic style era when fashion leaned further into individual style and self-expression. Trends, from clothing to headpieces, headed towards a somewhat more androgynous and unisex direction in comparison to preceding years. Flare pants, vests, and berets were some of the items in high demand at the …

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Hat Fashion in the 1920s That You Had No Idea About

Hats are still a popular accessory in fashion today, but it can be argued they have been a much more staple part of our wardrobes in decades past. Here are some of the most interesting facts about hat fashion in the 1920s, some of which continue to influence our trends …

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Bucket hat

How Did the Bucket Hat Get Its Name?

Whether you’re a fan of 90s rap music or just need a functional hat to keep the sun off your neck, you’re likely familiar with the bucket hat. These lightweight, colorful hats can be worn in countless contexts and have been present in pop culture for decades. So, where does …

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Mad as a Hatter – Where Does the Term Come From?

You may have heard the phrase “mad as a hatter” before. Even though the term is light-hearted, it has a rather dark history. Where does the term come from? The term Mad as a Hatter comes from the 18th and 19th centuries. Many men who worked in the hat industry …

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