Why Were Wigs Fashionable in the Past?

man wearing an old fashioned wig

Wigs have existed in many different styles for thousands of years. Those who are most familiar with old-time movies and television depictions will have no trouble recalling the classic stereotype of the 18th-century judge, complete with a humongous powdered wig and a gown. But why were wigs even fashionable in …

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The Pork Pie Hat – How Did It Get Its Name?

pork pie hat

Most hats have regular names that are easy to remember, such as the baseball cap. On the other hand, a select few classic hats have unique names, such as the pork pie hat. But how did it get its name?  The pork pie hat was named after a popular pork-filled …

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Winston Churchill’s Hats – What Did He Wear?

Pencil drawing of Winston Churchill wearing his hat

In the early 21st Century, hats were a crucial part of a distinguished gentleman’s wardrobe. So ingrained was the hat culture that some hat styles became associated with famous historical figures. Winston Churchill wore a gray top hat, a straw Panama, a John Bull, and a tan Stetson, but he …

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Why Was Mercury Used in Hat Production?

Old pharmacy

Back in the day, hat makers experimented with different materials to improve the quality of their hats. Eventually, they found out about mercury through a coincidence and used it to produce excellent felt hats for over 100 years. However, it also led to some unexpected consequences. Mercury was used in …

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Why Were Top Hats Popular?

Top hat inside a hat storage cupboard

Although they are now relegated to costume parties and period films set in past centuries, top hats were once one of the most popular forms of headwear in the world. The high crowns and narrow brims of these unique fashion accessories are certainly unique, but what made top hats so …

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