different colored hats

Hat Colors – 5 Things To Consider

Colors make things more interesting, including hat colors. In fact, the color of your hat can be considered a form of self-expression. When selecting a hat color, what things should you consider? When choosing hat colors, the things you should consider are your outfit’s colors, the season, and what colors …

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close up of women wearing a hat with long hair

5 Reasons Hats Can Be Bad for Hair

Everybody knows that too much of a good thing can be bad for you. That rule typically applies to food, but in this case, it sadly can apply to something as comfortable and expressive as hats. How exactly can something as simple as a hat be harmful?  Hats can be …

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Man with thinning hair

5 Things To Know About Hats and Hair Loss

In today’s society, it is common for individuals to make certain lifestyle changes, some major, in response to mere rumors. There are several rumors suggesting that there may be a correlation between wearing hats and hair loss. But is this rumor actually true? There’s no direct correlation between wearing hats …

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Two men wearing top hats riding a carriage

Top Hats: How Tall Should They Be?

In the world of fashion, trends are always on the move. In Western societies, the top hat emerged after a push for more formal accessories, eventually declining in popularity by today’s standards. However, the proper height for a top hat is a constant debate in the fashion industry.  Top hats …

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sun hat

5 Hat Styles People With Round Faces Should Avoid

We all know that fashion trends come and go, but not everyone gets to wear the same trends. Everyone is different somehow, from something as complex as skin tone to something as simple as face shape.  People with round faces should avoid wearing hats that are round or floppy. This …

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man taking his hat off

5 Times You Shouldn’t Wear a Hat

If you love fashion, you know that looking good isn’t just limited to being outside. Whether you’re waking up, going to bed, or lounging at home, you always want to look your best. However, you do need to set some boundaries, both for your physical health and for the respect …

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