5 Best Hat Styles for Diamond Face Shapes

The diamond face is a narrow forehead and chin with a slender face and wide, prominent cheekbones, and it has been called the most desirable face shape for women. But what are the best hat styles for diamond-shaped faces? The 5 best hat styles for diamond face shapes include: Fedoras …

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wool hats

How To Stop a Wool Hat From Itching

Wool is a wonderfully soft and insulating material, perfect for keeping you warm during the cold winter months. Unfortunately, it can also be very itchy, especially with wool hats. Don’t fret, though, as there are a few things you can do to make your wool hat less itchy and irritating. …

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man wearing a beanie on a mountain

Can Beanie Hats Be Waterproof?

When you’re trying to stay warm and dry in cold weather, the last thing you want is for your head to get wet. Hats and scarves can keep your head warm, but they don’t always do enough to keep out the rain. So what options are there for waterproof beanies …

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man wearing beanie at the gym

Can You Work Out In a Beanie? Pros and Cons

If you go to the gym regularly, you might have observed this phenomenon before. Somebody’s across the room, hot and sweaty, mid-workout, wearing a beanie. But is working out in a beanie really a good idea? You can work out in a beanie. Wearing a beanie can help keep sweat …

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Girl wearing satin lined beanie

Advantages of Satin-Lined Beanies

Exposure to sun, wind, and dry winter air can wreak havoc on your hair. Aside from using the right products for your hair type, what else can you do to protect your locks from the elements? Is a satin-lined beanie the answer? Advantages of satin-lined beanies stem from the slick …

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Why Hats Can Give You a Headache – 5 Reasons

If you suffer from frequent headaches and aren’t sure why, it’s possible that something as simple as a hat or a cap could be the main culprit. You may not even be aware of the pressure a hat can put on your head. But, why would wearing hats give you …

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