Hat rack

Fedora vs Pork Pie Hat: Differences Explained

Trilbies, fedoras, and pork pies are among the most elegant and dapper hats, tracing back to 19th-century ritzy polo matches and black-tie wedding extravaganzas. Fedoras and pork pie hats are both brimmed vintage hats, though very different. Fedoras typically have wide (3-4”) and flat brims, a teardrop crown, pinched front, …

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Baseball cap

Baseball Caps: Their Ubiquity In The US Explained

From celebrities attempting to hide from the paparazzi to couples walking their dogs to actual baseball players, baseball caps are worn by everyone everywhere. You can find people from all walks of life donning these hats: young or old, rich or poor, Republican or Democrat, and everything in between. So …

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night scene with a person wearing a traditional night cap.

Nightcaps: Past and Present

Trends change throughout the years, and what people wear to bed is no exception. In the past, people have worn many different things while sleeping. While it might seem uncommon now, nightcaps were popular to wear to bed. People wear nightcaps to bed to keep hair from tangling, silk nightcaps …

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Mao hat

The Controversial Chairman Mao Hat Explained

Chairman Mao hats are popular in modern theater plays and specific parts of the Chinese fashion industry. They were much more famous a few decades ago, but they make an appearance every so often. However, there’s a lot of symbolism behind these Chinese hats. A Chairman Mao hat is designed …

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