Bald man holding a hat above his head

4 Things To Know About Hats and Hair Loss

Rumors abound, suggesting that there may be a correlation between wearing hats and hair loss. There’s no direct correlation between wearing hats and the rate of hair growth unless hats regularly pull on the hair. The way your hair behaves is influenced by factors such as genetics and dietary habits. …

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Two men wearing top hats riding a carriage

Top Hats: How Tall Should They Be?

In the world of fashion, trends are always on the move. In Western societies, the top hat emerged after a push for more formal accessories, eventually declining in popularity by today’s standards. However, the fashion industry constantly debates the proper height for a top hat.  On average, top hats should …

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straw sun hat

5 Hat Styles People With Round Faces Should Avoid

We all know that fashion trends come and go, but not everyone suits the same styles. People with round faces should avoid wearing hats that are round or floppy. Contrasting shapes and angles are preferable to create better overall balance. The following five examples are useful to work out what …

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hat off

5 Times You Shouldn’t Wear a Hat

If you love fashion, you know that looking good isn’t just limited to being outside. However, you need to set some boundaries, including when and when not to wear a hat. Hat etiquette states that you shouldn’t wear hats when you’re indoors, depending on the public area. Don’t wear hats …

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Army cap

5 Hat Styles Best for Round Face Shapes

Many believe that people with different face shapes can’t wear or do certain things as it would mess up the balance. Of course, this depends on what you’re going for and what you want for yourself, and you should never let someone else’s opinions dictate your life. However, those of …

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