Why Are Sombreros So Big?

Sombreros are commonly worn in places such as Mexico, Spain, and certain areas of the United States. They come in various sizes and can be made of simple materials or be of very high quality. Why are some sombreros so big, and what does that mean?

Sombreros are so big because traditionally, they were solely worn by workers who were looking to avoid the harsh and sunny climate by finding shade under them. A larger sombrero can also be seen as a reflection of your economic status; the bigger the sombrero, the more successful you are.

In this article, we’ll be going more in-depth into why sombreros are so big, as well as the different kinds of sombreros that exist and a little bit of history about them. If you’re interested in learning more about these topics, keep on reading. 

Traditionally Designed With the Climate in Mind

As we stated above, large brimmed sombreros were created for workers who spent their days outdoors underneath warm and sunny climates. Big sombreros were a great way for workers to have access to shade and stay safe when working outdoors for long hours under the sun.

These sombreros were made of light materials such as straw, which made it easy for workers to keep on for long hours, seeing how they weren’t made up of heavier, more constricting materials. 

Both farmers and those who traveled by horse were grateful for the shade that large sombreros provided. While many different people nowadays wear all kinds of sombreros for various reasons, these traditional hats kept those who worked long hours outdoors within Central Mexico safe from the sun’s heat and rays.

Reflect Social and Financial Status

Another reason you’ll find some sombreros to be so big is that this specific kind of hat can reflect one’s social and financial status. The bigger the brim, the more respectable and better off your economic status is. The size of your hat can also showcase how respected you are within your community.

Not only does the size of your sombrero represent status, but the kind of sombrero you wear, as well as any other embellishments your sombrero has, can also reflect your status. 

For example, if you see someone wearing a very large sombrero made of felt and paired with brightly colored embellishments such as gold, you know the wearer of this sombrero is an upper class and well-respected citizen.

As we stated earlier, there are various sombreros available today, and all of them are worn for a different purpose. While some large brimmed sombreros are worn by those who spend most of their days working underneath the hot sun, some sombreros are worn by Mexican folk musicians during performances and celebrations. 

While the sombrero may have traditionally been made to help workers avoid the harsh sun, over time, this iconic hat has come to mean a lot more. It’s clear to see how different cultures and customs have turned the sombrero into an accessory that showcases fashion, as well as class. 

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Kinds of Sombreros

Below, we’ll explore some of the different sombreros you may see today, which will vary in size, as well as their purpose. 

Quinciano Sombrero 

This kind of sombrero is one of the most commonly found sombrero types, as they are relatively cheap and usually made of materials such as straw and leaves. They are also quick to make, and seeing how they are made of light materials, are commonly worn by farmworkers. 

While the Quinciano sombrero has a somewhat smaller brim compared to some of the other sombreros we’ll discuss on this list, it’s still an ideal hat for avoiding the harsh and sunny climate you may find yourself under. 

While these are ideal sombreros for workers, anyone can wear these simple and lightweight hats. Seeing how this kind of sombrero is made up of cheaper materials, one may assume that someone wearing this kind of sombrero is not of high status or power. 

While this kind of sombrero may not be the largest, it’s brim is large enough to ward off unwanted contact with the sun while working. The Quinciano sombrero is a staple within Mexcian culture and the work that farmers have done and continue to do within harsh and sunny climates. 

Veintisiete Sombrero 

The Veintisiete sombrero is one of the most complex sombreros to create, as it takes about an entire month to make successfully. This sombrero can also be completely folded by and put inside the user’s pocket when they’re done with it.

This type of sombrero is created using thickly woven fabrics and materials, making it possible for wearers of this hat to adjust its shape when need be. It’s also important to note that this is a very large and high-end sombrero.

Anyone you spot wearing this kind of hat definitely represents wealth and success. This kind of sombrero isn’t ideal for wearing while working long hours outdoors. This is a great option for special occasions, such as celebrations, performances, dances, and so forth. 

While this sombrero does consist of more high-quality and long-lasting materials compared to a working-class sombrero, below, we’ll explore even larger and heavier sombreros that you’ll see. 

Full Sombrero 

The full sombrero is much heavier and complex compared to the Quinciano and Veintisiete sombrero. This kind of sombrero is usually made of felt and paired with unique and brightly colored embellishments.

Seeing how the full sombrero is much heavier is not ideal for workers, but you’re likely to see it worn for special occasions such as performances and certain celebrations.

Full sombreros are commonly worn by Mexican folk musicians during performances, as they are seen as a more high class and fancier alternative to more cheaply-made, simple sombreros. 

This is one of the larger sombrero types, which may give off the impression that those who wear this hat type are of high importance and social status. The extra embellishments that the wearer of this hat chooses to add to their full sombrero can also add to this fact.

Traditional Sombrero

If you’re looking for the largest sombrero available, the traditional sombrero is the largest you’ll find on the market today. You’ll usually find this kind of hat worn by Marchai musicians during performances. 

While the traditional sombrero is very large, it’s still a surprisingly lightweight hat. Once again, this hat’s brim is so large in order to reflect the wearer’s social and economic status. 

The larger the sombrero, the more respected and well off you are. These sombreros are also quite large for the wearer to express themselves and their culture. With large sombreros like these, it’s common to see those who wear them add their personal embellishments in order to show off pride and respect for their country and heritage. 

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In this article, we discussed why some sombreros are so big.

Sombreros were initially created with the physical climate in mind. These hats’ large brim offered those who wore them, especially those who worked outdoors, an escape from the harsh, sunny climate. 

The size of a sombrero can also represent the social and financial status of those who wear it. The bigger the sombrero, the better off you are within multiple areas of your life. We also discussed some sombreros that you’ll find today, as well as the size of these sombreros and what they represent.

While smaller and cheaply made sombreros are ideal for farmworkers and those who work long hours outdoors, larger and more elaborate sombreros are for special occasions, as well as those of higher social status. 

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of why sombreros are so big and what this means.