Man wearing a hat with his dog

Why Dogs React To People’s Hats

Like many you may have experienced your dog’s behavior changing after you have put on a hat. This is not surprising when we consider that dogs recognise us partly by our shape. It has also been noticed that when people undergo significant weight loss dogs can also be confused. Hats …

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Man wearing a green st patrick day hat

Why Green Hats are Worn on St. Patrick’s Day

If you walk into any store on St. Patrick’s day, you are likely to see rows and rows of green accessories. These include green hats, which are popular because they are one of the easiest ways to put on and take off your green attire. The first thing we should …

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women smiling wearing a bucket hat

Do Bucket Hats Provide Good Protection From the Sun?

First popularized in the 1960s, today’s bucket hats are among the most commonly worn hats. Bucket hats are also known as fisherman’s hats, session hats, and Irish country hats, and are typically made of strong fabrics like denim, canvas, and tweed. These hats are cool fashion accessories, but are they …

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Panama hats

Grades of Panama Hats Explained

The Panama hat’s name refers to the material, otherwise known as the palm toquilla straw, and not the hat’s shape. This Ecuadorian hat is immensely popular in summer and is typically expensive due to the fact that it is handwoven and artisanal. But what type of grades of these hats …

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Why Are Cowboy Hats So Expensive?

Cowboy hats are a classic American accessory. If you live in the south or dressed up as a cowboy for Halloween, you’ve likely done some research on the best hats and their prices. Costs vary between brands; some are relatively inexpensive, while others climbed into the triple-digit (even four-digit!) range. …

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cashmere beanie

Cashmere Hats – Pros and Cons

Cashmere is often associated with luxury and rightly so. Originating from cashmere goats in northern India this natural fibre has many qualities that make it an ideal choice for headwear. Cashmere hats provide good insulation, are lightweight, breathable and water resistant. They are also very comfortable due to the softness …

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A decorated Easter bonet

The Tradition of Easter Bonnets Explained

If you had a cassette of Easter songs when you were a kid, you have probably heard the song “Easter Parade” sung by Judy Garland and featuring Fred Astair from the 1948 film Easter Parade. This song features lyrics like, “in your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, …

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Pros and Cons of Fleece Hats

As winter begins to creep in, it becomes more essential than ever to have proper protection from the elements. This includes quality hats to cover your ears and head and keep you from shivering in the cold. However, there is some debate as to what material is best when it …

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Woman wearing a winter beanie in the snow

Are Wool Hats a Good Winter Choice

At first thought, wool sounds like a good warm choice for a winter hat. After all, it keeps sheep warm in the winter. When it comes to hats we have no shortage of options so how does wool stack up as a winter hat choice. Hats made from wool offer …

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straw hat floating in a pool

Straw Hats – Does Water Damage Them?

A straw hat is a great choice to wear in hot weather. They keep you cool and provide protection from the sun. Straw hats aren’t a great fit for wet environments though so be careful not to get your straw hat wet. Straw hats should not be used as rain …

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