Welcome to Hat Realm. Hats are remarkable in many ways. They are incredibly practical, protecting from the elements, yet they are far more than that.

There is a close link between identity and hats. From national attire such as the makhlai hat in Mongolia to cowboy hats in Texas, hats and culture are interwoven.

Individuals and celebrities have often been partly defined by their hats. Indiana Jones, Heisenberg in Breaking Bad, Charlie Chaplin, and John Wayne are just a few examples.

Giants of history have also used hats to help set them apart. Napoleon is instantly recognizable from his bicorn hat, and Abraham Lincoln is forever a part of the fantastic story of the top hat.

With every type and style comes an incredible back story. Hats do not stand still.

As someone who loves wearing hats and the stories they tell, I started this site as a place to share that fascination.

Hat Realm is the world of hats in one place. From everyday style guides to fashion tips, the origin stories, and the people who wear them, it’s all here.

The site and information are constantly evolving. I welcome suggestions, ideas, corrections, and shared stories.

As Philip Treacy once said, “How a hat makes you feel is what a hat is all about.” And on that note, I hope you enjoy your hats and find the site useful.

Taylor James

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