Types of Hats for Women

25 Different Types of Hats for Women Explained

Hats are amongst the most popular women’s accessories, and they’ve been around for centuries. Yeah, the styles might have changed and evolved through the decades, but they still serve the same purpose: to adorn one’s head. Living in extreme climates, whether cold or hot requires the use of a hat. …

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Types of Hats for Men

20 Different Types of Hats for Men

They say that every man is born for a certain style, but the problem with that logic is that not every man knows which style matches them best. As such, you need to constantly experiment around to see what works and what doesn’t, because you never know when you’re going …

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Woman wearing a hat in a restaurant

Hat Etiquette in Restaurants

Objectively, etiquette has gone by the wayside in recent history. Unless you took cotillion classes as a young teen, you probably have limited formal education about etiquette. This isn’t a Boomer lecture on how Millennials killed etiquette—far from it! We’re here to help you navigate some of the pitfalls of …

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A man hiking wearing a straw hat

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hiking Hat

Hiking has always been a favorite pastime of outdoorsy folks. The number of hikers has only increased since the pandemic as people looked for more ways to spend time outside their homes. If you’re among the group of new hikers, welcome. Depending on how strenuous your hikes are, you may …

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A fan and a hat

Hat Fans Explained: Tips for Using Them

Hats and fans are the combinations you never knew you needed, ideal for a hot day. Whether you are purchasing a hat with built-in fans, or portable clip-on fans that can be attached to any hat, these are super handy when you need to keep cool. We have looked a …

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Woman wearing a red hat

Hat Stretchers Explained: Tips on Using Them

So, you want to make your hat a little bigger? Perhaps you have purchased a second-hand hat, or the new hat you’ve bought isn’t available in a bigger size. We have put together a few tips on stretching your favorite piece of headwear safely. In this article, we focus on …

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