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Why Cyclists Wear Caps Under Their Helmets

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Learning about and understanding athletes’ gear can be incredibly mystifying – there seem to be an endless amount of sport-specific accessories for every scenario, and it’s no different in Cycling. One of these pieces of ‘equipment’ is called a Cycling Cap; a slightly different looking modern cap that goes under the protective helmet during both casual rides and competitions.

This cap can certainly look great, serving as a fashion accessory as well as an important piece of gear. But primarily it serves a function and a cycling cap certainly has incredible intentions behind it. So, why do cyclists wear them under their helmets? Let us tell you all about it.

  1. To stop sweat from running down to the eyes
  2. To serve as protection against rough weather conditions
  3. For warmth
  4. To keep hair out of the face

A straightforward piece of gear that ends up fulfilling many essential tasks for every kind of cyclist out there.

1. To stop sweat from running down to the eyes

Cycling involves both of an athlete’s hands and a ton of leg power, meaning there won’t be much of an opportunity to interfere and wipe away the sweat before it gets in the eyes. In comes the cycling cap! The turned up peak, as well as the sweatband inside, effectively traps and absorbs the sweat before it gets a chance to interfere with your physical activity of the day!

Caps like this popular option (Amazon) keep sun and sweat out of eyes.

2. To serve as protection against rough weather conditions

Just as it blocks sweat, it blocks rain! Less than ideal weather conditions are common on cycling competitions and leisure rides alike, so anything to keep every rider safe and comfortable is welcome. The peak of the hat is also able to serve a shield from the sun on extra bright days.

3. For warmth

During the colder months, caps also provide an extra layer of protection against chilly winds. Below freezing temperatures certainly require some thoughtful protection, but it’s also important to remember that cyclists get warmed up quickly – with that in mind, other forms of head protection, like thermal hats or wool beanies, would not be great choices. The cycling cap offers the right amount of comfort and warmth, while still being functional throughout the sport.

4. To Keep Hair Out of the Face

As simple as it sounds. Rather than wear a headband, the cycling cap simultaneously keeps your luscious locks in check, making sure that they don’t obstruct your vision at any time. Simultaneously, the cap also forms a barrier between your head and the helmet, which also ensures that no pieces of hair will get painfully stuck on the nooks and crannies of the helmet.

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