cowboy hat brands

The 10 Best Cowboy Hat Brands You Should Know

Being a cowboy is more than a fashion statement. It is a lifestyle, and bona fide cowboys abide by some traditions their forefathers have kept sacred for centuries. Three of their most notable virtues are toughness, patience, not to mention dedication. It takes a lot of the three combined qualities …

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panama hats lined up in a store

5 Best Panama Hat Brands

When it comes to hats, there is no brand more synonymous with the style than Panama hats. These finely woven pieces of headwear have been worn by everyone from presidents to movie stars over the years. If you’re looking to buy a Panama hat of your own, you’ll want to …

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new era how to tell a fake

New Era Cap: Authentic or Fake – How to Know

New Era hats are some of the hottest on the market. The major Football, Baseball and Basketball leagues across the US have exclusive rights to selling New Era caps, and they are the most popular among sports fans and those looking to be on trend with their fashion choices. Unfortunately, …

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59 FIFTY Explained

The New Era 59FIFTY fitted cap is an icon and legend in the headwear industry. Located in Buffalo, New York, New Era is an industry leader and innovator in baseball caps and sports headwear. This cap is perhaps the most famous New Era has designed, paving the way for sports …

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new era vs melin

Melin Hats vs New Era Hats

Two of the biggest players in the hat industry are Melin and New Era. Their hats are often spotted on celebrities and sports enthusiasts alike. New Era is known for its many collaborations over the years with artists like Takashi Murakami and brands like Supreme. Melin, on the other hand, …

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baseball hat player

Most Popular New Era Hats

New Era is the only headwear company to have simultaneous exclusive rights to all three major US sports leagues. They are most well known for their team caps, but also have bucket hats and beanies too. Globally New Era sells 75 million pieces of headwear, lets dive into their most …

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59fifty vs 39thirty

New Era Hats: 59FIFTY vs 39THIRTY

New Era caps are some of the most popular pieces of headwear for sports fans across Major League Baseball, National Football League, and National Basketball Association. The brand features headwear across several key designs. Today we’re looking at the 59FIFTY and 39THIRTY New Era caps and delving into the design …

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new era vs nike

New Era Hats vs Nike Hats

The global baseball cap market totalled 17.49 billion in 2021 and is expected to continue growing year on year to an estimated 24 billion annually by 2026. Traditionally caps were solely used as a practical piece to soak up sweat, and shield an athletes face from the sun while playing …

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9Forty vs 9twenty

New Era Hats: 9FORTY vs 9TWENTY

At first glance, the New Era 9Forty and 9Twenty might look the same, and granted they do. However, there are a couple of distinguishable differences which can help tell them apart. Today we’re delving into the key features of both, there are certainly some similarities but there are two key …

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girl beach baseball hat

Melin Hats – Why They Are Popular

Melin is known as the new kid on the block, but in the nine years they’ve been manufacturing hats they’ve made their stamp on the industry. The underpinning goal for the brand was to fill the gap in the high-end market, which many other brands were missing. Melin hats are …

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