Black fedora style har with a red feather

Feathers on Hats – The Tradition Explained

Feathers are often used as an extravagant accessory in fashion today and in history. We commonly see feathers on jackets, dresses, skirts, accessories, and even shoes. However, feathers on hats were far more popular historically. The History of Feathers on Hats Feathers have been used in clothes and accessories for …

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Did Viking Hats Really Have Horns?

If you closed your eyes and pictured a Viking, the first image you would probably conjure is of a fierce looking bearded man with a horned hat. TV and film have popularized this image with characters like Stoick the Vast from the animated film franchise How to Train Your Dragon …

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ancient egyptian hats

The Origin of Hats – What We Know

People have been wearing hats far longer than records can show. Today people wear hats for practical reasons as well as for status. It is highly likely that early humans did likewise. It is estimated that humans started wearing clothes, including hats, about 170,000 years ago as this was when …

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A cowboy at sunset

Cowboys, Superstitions and Hats

Superstitions are beliefs based on fear of the unknown. Those who believe in superstitions will behave a certain way in an attempt to sway the future in their favor. For example, some cultures knock on wood and toss salt over their shoulders to ward off bad luck. Others avoid stepping …

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raw wool

Tudor Fashion – Woollen Hats and the Law of 1571

We often think of there being ‘rules’ for fashion. A dress code for certain occasions and trends that fall out of style. In 1571, the ‘rules of fashion’ took on a new meaning. When we think of Tudor fashion, woollen hats are something you’ll notice most lower-class men portrayed wearing. …

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man taking off bowler hat

Hat Tipping – The Tradition Explained

The tradition of two people tipping their hat as a sign of respect is something we are all familiar, even if we do not actively observe this tradition today. We have all seen historical movies where the characters are frequently seen removing their hats as a sign of respect to …

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Man wearing a grey beanie

Beanie Hats – How They Got Their Start

Nowadays, beanies are a given when it comes to your wardrobe. Most people have multiple beanies in different colors and even sizes. It seems as though there’s not a single celebrity that doesn’t step out in a beanie during the winter months, and sometimes will even wear a beanie as …

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Man wearing a '10 gallon' hat

The Origin of the 10-Gallon Hat

If you’re curious about cowboy fashion or looking for an intriguing conversation starter to broach at your next cocktail party, the origin of the 10-gallon hat is an excellent subject to explore. The 10-gallon hat is a large wide-brimmed hat with a tall rounded crown. It was typically worn by …

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Boater Hats

The Origins of the Boater Hat

Boater hats are some of the most characteristic accessories out there, flaunting an ‘old money’ feel. While this representation of the style might not be entirely sensical in the modern context, this constructed image around the boater hat is unsurprising in the context of its history. The boater hat, a …

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cowboy looking at horizon

Origin of the Cowboy Hat

Several hats arrived and got blown away in the winds of human history but the one that became an emblem of American cowboy style and stayed popular throughout the years is the one and only – cowboy hat. Cowboy hats as we know them today are credited to John Batterson …

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