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The Benefits of Using a Hair Wrap

By Taylor James


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Bad hair days? Yeah, we don’t have time for that.

Waking up with a head of frizzy hair is a shared experience, especially for those with curly or textured hair. You thoroughly combed your hair before bed, maybe even tied it in a braid to tame the morning knots and tangles – but to no avail. Each day seems to bring hair that feels like hay.

Now, before you take the scissors and start snipping away, let’s get to the root of the problem. Assess your sleeping situation. For example, sleeping with a cotton pillow often brings a myriad of issues to your tresses. The solution? A hair wrap.

Implementing a hair wrap into your hair care routine will help to reduce friction and breakage, resulting in smoother, healthier locks you’ve always dreamed of. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of using a hair wrap.

1. Hair Wraps Reduce Frizz

If you have curly hair, frizz is likely an everyday occurrence, and you may have conclude1.d that you’re doomed to a fuzzy future. As you move in your sleep, so does your hair. If your hair is directly on a cotton pillowcase, the rough surface will cause friction and, therefore, frizz. However, a hair wrap can help.

That’s right, ladies and gents. Sleeping with a hair wrap will keep your ringlets in place overnight. Tucking your hair into a scarf protects your hair and retains moisture, ensuring your hair looks (and feels!) fabulous for as long as possible.

These Turbie Twist microfiber hair towel wraps are super popular on Amazon.

2. Hair Wraps Increase Style Retention

Speaking of lasting as long as possible, hair wraps also increase the longevity of your hairstyle. If you spent a too-ashamed-to-say amount of money at the salon, you want to do everything in your power to maintain it. Wearing a hair wrap to bed allows you to control the shape of your hair. It will also protect your style by acting as a barrier, so the atmosphere won’t negatively affect it.

Similarly, if you’re having a pamper night, we recommend applying a hair treatment and using a hair wrap to maximize its benefits and ensure each strand is completely saturated.

3. Hair Wraps Reduce Tangles

If you’re an active sleeper and frequently move during the night, tangles are inevitable. Unfortunately, this also affects the health of your hair, causing weakened hairs and, ultimately, breakage.

To minimize the damage, secure your hair in a hair wrap. Doing so will protect your hair and save you detangling time in the morning.

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4. Hair Wraps Promote Hair Growth

Hair wraps yield long-term benefits, as well. Wearing a hair wrap overnight is highly recommended for those who have endured the negative effects of chemotherapy; a hair wrap will encourage faster, healthier hair growth.

The same is true, even if you haven’t experienced a significant amount of hair loss. A scarf will provide a soft, smooth surface for your baby hairs to grow strong and healthy as you sleep.

Managing your hair doesn’t have to be a complicated process. By incorporating a hair wrap, you can start giving your hair the love and care it deserves sooner rather than later.

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