New Era Hats: The 9FORTY Explained

There is no doubt that New Era hats have had a lasting impact on headwear as we know it, becoming a streetwear staple on album covers and baseball stadiums alike. As the biggest name in Major League Baseball hats, there is a New Era cap for everyone. However, with so …

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New Era Hats: The 9Fifty Explained

The New Era Hat Company was founded in 1920 and was named E. Koch Cap Company until 1922. New Era have been designing and releasing baseball caps since 1934 and have had exclusivity of the hat style in major league baseball since 1993. The company have many designs and styles …

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Man wearing a fedora and leather jacket

Best Hat Brands for Men

If you’re a guy looking for a stylish hat to wear, there are plenty of options to consider. From fedoras to beanies, there’s no shortage of fashionable hats to choose from as you plan a few outfits or your new signature look. That being said, not all hat brands are …

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Why Is the Stetson Bozeman Outdoor Hat so Popular?

Stetson has made a name for itself in the world of ranchers and cowboys. After all, many people contend that your cowboy hat can’t be called a bonafide cowboy hat if it isn’t made by Stetson. However, not everyone realizes that Stetson’s outdoor hats are just as notable—and popular—as their …

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new era

4 Reasons Why the New Era Hat Brand is so Popular

New Era hats are everywhere! You may have noticed this brand on the heads of popular celebrities, like Spike Lee, Hailey Baldwin, and Rihanna, or at your local team’s baseball game.  No matter where you are, it’s hard to go a day without noticing someone in a New Era hat. …

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melin hat

Melin Hats—5 Reasons They Are Expensive

If you’re an avid hat wearer, you’ve probably heard of Melin hats. This brand began in 2013 and has been growing ever since. While it’s growing in popularity, many people wonder why the hats are so expensive and if they’re really worth it. Here are the five reasons Melin hats …

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model brown hat

Walrus Hats — 5 Reasons They Can Be Expensive

Walrus hats are popular thanks to their chic look, suitable for both men and women. Celebrities like Brad Pitt, David Beckham, and Idris Elba have been seen wearing walrus hats that accentuate their style. You might want walrus hats, too, but bear in mind that these hats can be expensive. …

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blue bucket hat

Kangol Hats – 5 Intriguing Facts

When you think of cool headwear, you probably think of Kangol hats. Founded in England in the 1920s by a Polish immigrant named Jakob Henryk Spreiregen, the Kangol brand has evolved from its early roots making berets for the army and having brand endorsements with The Beatles to now being …

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Stetson Hats – 5 Things That Make Them Unique

When you think about a cowboy, you automatically picture a man wearing the iconic cowboy hat. Perhaps the most well-known cowboy hat brand is Stetson, a brand created in 1865. Several things make Stetson hats unique.  Stetson hats are unique because they’ve been in production for over a century, first …

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Lock and co hat shop

5 of the Most Famous Hat Brands

Hat brands throughout history have presented the very best designs for men and women. Yet, it’s only a few that knock it out of the park with each release, of which they have now become some of the best brands in the world. What are the five most famous hat …

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