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Why Stetson Hats Are So Expensive

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The Stetson brand, in 1865, was first introduced to the public in response to a demand for high-quality hats that were exceptionally durable.

Stetson hats are so expensive because the brand produces durable and well-made hats.

The Stetson brand has built a reputation for producing quality products for many years, and the company exceeds the expectations of its customers.

This article will explain the primary reasons behind the high prices of the Stetson hat.

Stetson Hat

What Is the Stetson Brand Known For?

The Stetson company is most widely recognized for its professionally crafted felt hats, which have been very popular in the West since 1865. Perhaps the most famous model is the Boss of the Plains. The style has a dome-shaped crown and was the first modern cowboy hat design. 

The company was initially formed in Pennsylvania when John B. Stetson decided to begin the mass production of hats. The original design was meant to serve as a sturdy, versatile hat that could handle adverse conditions, including wind, dirt, and rain. 

Are Stetson Hats High Quality?

Stetson hats are very high quality and have an exceptional reputation, with a high retail price. Even in the earliest years of the Stetson company’s existence, their hats were expensive. 

Most Stetson hats currently on the market retail from $50 to $400 depending on where each hat ranks on the X scale, which ranks hats in terms of overall quality.

The hat’s durability is one of the most critical factors that will ultimately determine where each hat ranks on the scale. Another factor that plays a role in determining the ranking of each hat is the material that the hat is made from. 

The Stetson company produces hats with a wide range of different styles, materials, and purposes. While some Stetson hats are crafted from a refined straw, others are made from a soft wool material or costly animal fur. 

Typically, the straw hats would best fit outdoor settings and long days of hard work in the sun.

The soft wool hats, however, may not withstand the elements as well as other hats because these hats are made from higher quality materials that are meant to be visually appealing and fashionable.

How are Stetson Hats Made?

Stetson hats are constructed in its factories in Texas. The felt is processed on-site and made from some of the highest quality furs on the market. Beaver fur is one of the priciest types used to make hats.

Several skilled workers also produce the hats with the help of machinery. It can take upwards of two days to complete a Stetson hat once the felt has been prepared.

What Is the Most Popular Stetson Hat?

The Sagebrush style hat is currently the best-selling style that Stetson manufactures. While Stetson offers styles ranging from fedoras to cowboy hats, the brand specializes in crafting well-constructed hats. 

This style is just one of the many designs designed to weather challenging outdoor conditions. Therefore, it remains the most popular hat that Stetson is currently producing.

The Yancy and the Bozeman are also very popular styles, which means that you’ll pay a pretty penny for those styles. Check out this very popular Bozeman Stetson on Amazon.

What Is the Most Expensive Stetson Hat?

The most expensive Stetson Hat currently on the market retails for $5,000, known as the Diamante. The Diamante is crafted from a blend of beaver and chinchilla fur. It also boasts a 14K Gold Buckle Set With 26 Genuine Diamonds.

Due to the quality materials of the Diamante, the Diamante ranks very high on the X scale. It is one of the most sought-after cowboy hats on the market and has been for several years.

The hard-working, gritty tendencies of the traditional cowboy call for a rugged set of boots, chaps, and of course, the signature cowboy hat. The various hats on offer certainly live up to the high standards loyal Stetson customers have come to expect and appreciate.

Final thoughts

The Stetson company has built a strong reputation as one of the most high-quality and,  therefore, expensive hat companies. Stetson brand hats are still extremely popular today. These hats have been around for generations, meaning the brand has become a standout in the hat market. 

Several different styles are available online and in-store through the Stetson company. Whether you are searching for a casual hat or a durable one built to withstand adverse weather conditions, Stetson likely has the hat for you.

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