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Melin Hats—5 Reasons They Are Expensive

By Taylor James


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If you’re an avid hat wearer, you’ve probably heard of Melin hats. This brand began in 2013 and has been growing ever since. While it’s growing in popularity, many people wonder why the hats are so expensive and if they’re really worth it.

Here are the five reasons Melin hats are expensive: 

  1. Melin hand-picks their materials. 
  2. Melin hats are waterproof.
  3. Melin hats come in different styles for various climates. 
  4. Melin hats come in different sizes. 
  5. Melin has excellent customer service.

This article will discuss the five main reasons why Melin hats are more expensive than other hat brands and why they’re worth it, so keep reading!

1. Melin Hand-Picks Their Materials

While many brands claim that they hand-pick their materials, Melin researched fabrics worldwide to find the best materials for their hats. While doing this, they looked at every detail of the hat to make it as comfortable and innovative as they could. 

Therefore, this brand of hats offers some of the absolute best materials you could want in a hat.

2. Melin Hats Are Waterproof

Melin hats are not only waterproof but made to float on the water, especially the Hydro Collection, which offers a hydrophobic material with a buoyant visor core, making the hats excellent for those who live active lifestyles and are often around water.

The waterproof technology also ensures that no matter how much you sweat, they won’t look worn down or sweat-stained, which is uncommon with many other hat brands. Check out this Melin Hydro A-Game hat on Amazon.

3. Melin Hats Come in Different Styles for Various Climates

Melin offers three different style hats, including additional styles for different climates. Therefore, there’s a style option for everyone. The three types offered include:

  • Flat visor
  • Curved visor
  • Beanies

The beanies are thermal hats and what Melin describes as the highest quality cold-weather headwear. Every style offers similar attributes, such as being waterproof and made with quality materials.

4. Melin Hats Come in Different Sizes

Merlin hats also come in different sizes. 

While many people can fit into the “universal” or “one size fits all” caps, not everyone can. Melin hats offer different sizes for their customers, making their hats available to a broader audience. The main fit styles they offer include:

  • Horizon fit
  • Vintage fit
  • Split fit
  • Split crushed fit

Each fit style is constructed to fit specific types of faces and heads. Whether you have a larger or smaller head, or a wide or thin face, there will be a fit for you at Melin.

5. Melin Has Excellent Customer Service

While the quality of the materials and the fit of the hats are excellent, the customer service offered is just as great. 

When buying from a company, especially a more expensive one, you want to ensure you are cared about and can ask the company if you have any questions or don’t like what you’ve ordered.

Melin offers free returns and exchanges. Therefore, if you don’t like the color or the size didn’t fit right, you can return or exchange it without any issues.

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