How The Term “Milliner” First Originated

a milliner at work

Like many of our favourite terms, the word “Milliner” carries within itself fascinating etymology, reflecting the history of the hat making profession throughout the years. The term originated from the word “Milaner,” or “Milener,” referring to a person who was a native of or residing in the Italian city of …

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Why Did People Stop Wearing Bowler Hats?

man taking off bowler hat

The 70s witnessed the sad and now nostalgic end of the bowler hat era. The iconic style was being left behind, and hat lovers suffered as they saw new trends emerge in its place. The real question we should be asking ourselves, however, is, in fact, not “why did people …

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The History Behind Boonie Hats

A boonie hat

Although the boonie hat might not be considered the most attractive hat, it has a rich history of functionality that has made it perfect for military and outdoor use. If you’re not associated with the military, you may not necessarily recognize the name, but you’ve almost certainly seen this hat. …

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The History of Bonnets: 5 Intriguing Facts

image of women wearing a bonnet from 1883

Bonnets have been used since the Middle Ages but fell out of fashion at the end of the 1920s. They were used both as a fashion statement, symbol, and tool.  They normally consisted of a puffy material that was secured around the head and a brim extending over the face. …

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