Laurel and Hardy’s Hats – 5 Intriguing Facts

If there is a quick way to identify and distinguish the comedic duo of Laurel and Hardy, it’s through their trusty bowler hats. The American pair established itself in the comedic universe by way of their hilarious interactions, and often utilized their legendary accessories actively throughout their performances.  Here are …

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Billy the Kid’s Mysterious Hat – 5 Fascinating Facts

Few historical figures have remained as mysterious as Billy the Kid over the years. Despite his fame, the extremely limited number of photographs leaves doubts on some of the key aspects of the gunfighter’s appearance, such as his hats. Let’s take a deeper dive into the mystery behind this notorious …

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5 Famous People Known for Wearing Flat Caps

Flat caps trace back to the 1500s but are still being worn today. These hats have been called the newsboy cap in the U.S. and have been associated with celebrity brands such as Kangol, thus making them a popular choice for anyone in the limelight.  Here are 5 famous people …

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women wearing 1960s style glasses and hat

The Hats in Mad Men: 5 Intriguing Facts

Mad Men takes place on Madison Avenue at an advertising firm in the 1960s. Thus, the fashion of the ’60s is prevalent throughout the show. Mad Men ran seven seasons spanning from July 19th, 2007, to May 17th, 2015. Since the fashion in the show matches the 60’s, the hats …

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man posing in the shadows as Michael Jackson with his iconic hat and costume

Hats Worn by Michael Jackson – 5 Intriguing Facts

It’s hard to think of Michael Jackson without thinking of his ornate costumes and intricate performances. Whether he was on or off the stage, one thing was for certain: MJ had style. This trait was further reflected in the artist’s choice of hats over the years. Here are 5 intriguing facts …

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frontier city last chance saloon photo

Doc Holliday’s Hat – 5 Fascinating Facts

When it comes to thinking up classic Western icons and their cowboy hats, Doc Holliday certainly makes the list. With his wide-brimmed, traditional cowboy hat, he became one of the most well-known Old West figures, having been depicted and discussed widely in pop culture.  Here are 5 fascinating facts about …

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The Hat of Hercule Poirot – 3 Fascinating Facts

Arguably one of the best fictional detectives to ever exist, Hercule Poirot is admired for his keen eye and unmatched intelligence – and recognized by his hat. Though there are discrepancies when comparing the character on the page with his renditions on screen, the image of Poirot wearing his hat …

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The Iconic Yogi Bear Hat – 5 Fascinating Facts

You are sure to be familiar with Yogi Bear, the incredibly endearing cartoon character that has won over the hearts and smiles of both children and adults throughout the years. If you were to describe this character, there is one detail you’d be sure to include: his hat! While it …

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