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What Is a Slouchy Beanie?

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It’s chilly outside, you’re in a hurry, but you notice your hair is a mess, and you worry fixing it will only make it worse. So what do you do? Grab a beanie, or better, a slouchy beanie!

A slouchy beanie is a beanie but longer in size. This type of beanie sits over the ears and has extra hanging over the back of the head–perfect for anyone going for a laid-back, effortless look. Slouchy beanies are so versatile that they’re excellent for all-year-round use.

This article will explain what a slouchy beanie is and the best ways to wear one depending on your hair type. I’ll also go over the best ways to keep a slouchy beanie on your head.

How To Wear a Slouchy Beanie

When trying to style any beanie, it’s easy to look washed out and unflattering. To avoid this, make sure your beanie is made of quality yarn and has good tension. The tension is what makes the beanie wrap your head slouchily. 

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Before putting on your slouchy beanie, make sure to note the day’s weather. Doing so is going to help you determine which way to wear it. Here are some steps you can take to make sure you get the right look:

  1. Match your hair to your desired look. Whether it’s giving your hair a quick fluff or doing a complete style, make sure you finish styling your hair before putting on your slouchy beanie.
  2. Pull the beanie down to your eyebrows. You’ll want to make sure it has a secure fit, so you don’t need to keep messing with it throughout the day.
  3. Work the hat backward until comfortable. A common way to wear a slouchy beanie is by pushing it back to your hairline and having it covering your ear to the tip of the earlobe. If it’s cold and snowy outside, you’ll want to have the beanie covering most of your forehead to protect against the elements.
  4. Fix your slouchy flap. This step mainly applies to when your slouchy beanie is new. It may take a few wears to break it in but to help speed up that process, flip the flap forward and gently fold and tuck behind your head until you get the look you desire.

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If you’re more of a visual learner, check out this great YouTube tutorial on how to wear your slouchy beanie:

Slouchy Beanies vs. Other Beanie Types

At first glance, you likely wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the different types of beanies. However, each beanie style comes either cuffed or cuffless, and each kind has unique characteristics. While some may be ideal for winter weather, others may be better solely for aesthetics. Here are some of the most common beanie types:

  • Slouchy beanies: A longer-styled beanie meant to hang loosely over the back of the head. These are usually thinner than most other beanies.
  • Earflap: Typically used during the winter, these come with earflaps over the sides and strings to tie under the chin.
  • Visor/Brimmed: Any beanie that comes with a protruding edge. These come in thick and thin fabric for use during hot and cold months. Read about the difference between summer and winter beanies in this article.
  • Woven/Skullcap: The oldest type of beanie in history. These come in a variety of materials, including leather, felt, and twill.

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Final Thoughts

Slouchy beanies are the ideal head accessory for a laid-back look. Their effortless style can not only complete your look but also cover up a bad hair day in the process. They’re super customizable, and the fact that they’re thinner than most beanie styles means they’re perfect for year-round wear.

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