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Hat Fans Explained: Tips for Using Them

By Taylor James


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Hats and fans are the combinations you never knew you needed, ideal for a hot day. Whether you are purchasing a hat with built-in fans, or portable clip-on fans that can be attached to any hat, these are super handy when you need to keep cool.

We have looked a little at hat fans, the types you can buy, and when you should wear them.

Solar-powered built-in hat fans on Amazon.

Battery-powered or solar-powered

There are a couple of different fan options on the market to pick from. Either battery-powered or solar-powered.

Both work as well as each other, but we recommend opting for the solar-powered fan; it’ll last longer, you won’t be caught out with batteries that have stopped working, and it has the benefit of being slightly more eco-friendly.

Fan and Hat Combinations

The most challenging choice you’ll probably have for your hat fan is what style of hat to go for. Baseball hat, sun hat, hat with a built-in fan, or a portable clip-on fan. The possibilities are endless; you never know, and you might end up with quite the collection.

Baseball cap with built-in fan on Amazon.

Hats with a built-in fan are good if you know exactly what hat style you want. But the clip-on fans are a great option as you can change which hat you wear them on. You only have to watch that clip-on fans can be a bit bulkier, so check that out before buying.

When to Use Your Hat Fan

Hat fans are a great option when you’re out and about and need to keep your hands free. Whether you’re watching or playing sports matches, on the river for a spot of fishing, or even if you are relaxing in the garden reading a book.

Hat fans aren’t super powerful, so they won’t wholly cool you down. But they help provide a slight cool breeze which can make a big difference on a hot day.

Buying Your Hat Fan

It’s also worth considering the price when buying your hat fan. It is always tempting to go for the cheapest option to save money, and while we are all about getting the best value for money, we think that sometimes it’s worth spending that little bit more to get the best quality.

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