Man wearing a fitted cap

How to Look Great in a Fitted Cap

Fitted caps are a great way to up your style game.  They come in different styles and colors, so there’s something for everyone, and there’s lots of room to experiment with your own look. On that note, this guide is all about how to choose the right fitted cap for …

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Cartoon of hat and luggage in front of map of the world.

Travel Hat Clips Explained: Tips for Using Them

So, you’re going on holiday, and you want to take your biggest and best beach hat with you, but you are looking at your suitcase and wondering how you will transport it to your destination without being squashed and damaged? Say hello to the travel hat clip! A small but …

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Man wearing a gray trilby

How to Look Great in a Trilby – Top Tips for Men

A trilby hat is an excellent addition to any man’s wardrobe, and it’s a unique yet attractive accessory that can help any man look stylish and put together.  However, not everyone knows how to wear one correctly, and wearing one without the know-how risks being problematic, no matter how good …

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Cartoon of man tipping his hat

Hat Etiquette for Men: Top Tips

A gentleman is always aware of his appearance and how he presents himself to others. This includes what he wears on his head! A hat can add a touch of personality and style to any outfit, but it’s essential to know how to wear one correctly.  That’s why we’ll discuss …

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blue sneakers and baseball hat

Top Tips for Matching Baseball Caps with Footwear

Baseball caps are taking the fashion world by storm. Gone are the days when baseball caps were only for casual wear to baseball games or mowing your lawn on a hot summer day.  With new fashion territory comes new pitfalls. There are a few fashion faux pas that you could …

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hat beach

Tips for Wearing a Hat on the Beach

What’s a more delightful summer activity than a day at the beach? The sand, the waves, and the sun make for excellent outdoor fun. If a day at the beach sounds like what you need, make sure you do a little prep work before reaching for your swimsuit.  Beating the …

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baseball hat brim

Tips for Bending the Bill on a Baseball Cap

There are several reasons you’d want to bend the bill of your baseball cap. A bend in the bill can help rain flow off more easily if you get caught in a storm. A bend in the bill can also help your hat fit more comfortably on your head. Forget …

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travfel hat

Top Tips for Selecting the Best Hat for Your Travels

‘Tis the season for traveling! Usually, when you take a vacation, you’re headed to a climate that’s a little different from your own. Whether you’re visiting the beach or the mountains, you may require certain headgear to make your trip comfortable.  Function and fashion are only two considerations you should …

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