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Travel Hat Clips Explained: Tips for Using Them

By Taylor James


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So, you’re going on holiday, and you want to take your biggest and best beach hat with you, but you are looking at your suitcase and wondering how you will transport it to your destination without being squashed and damaged?

Say hello to the travel hat clip! A small but convenient piece of kit that will make traveling with your hat super easy.

The Advantages of Hat Clips

Now, if you want to wear and style your beach hat at the airport, go ahead!

But if you don’t want to wear your hat and don’t have the hands to carry it, then the travel hat clip will help you out.

A travel hat clip has two key features, a clip at one end that will attach to the handle of your bag or case and a clip at the other that can hold your hat!

This clip will often use two magnets to ensure your hat isn’t marked or dented by the clip.

What to Consider Before Buying

Now you can pick up a hat clip quite easily and cheaply, but there are a couple of things to consider when buying one.

Price and quality sometimes go hand in hand, and a cheaper travel hat clip might not necessarily be the best option.

You will need to ensure that the clip that attaches to your hat is strong enough to hold it without slipping out, but at the same time, it doesn’t grip it too tightly, leaving marks on the brim of your favorite sun hat. Make sure you read those reviews before buying!

You can check out these popular options on Amazon.

Buying a travel hat clip doesn’t have to be a practical purchase. It’s fashionable too! There are many styles, colors, and materials, so you can match your hat clip with the bag you are attaching it to.

Alternatives to Hat Clips?

At a pinch and don’t have a travel hat clip? There is a safe and secure way of packing your hat into your suitcase. Roll some of your smaller clothing items up and pop them inside your hat; turn the hat upside down and pack it into the middle of your case with clothing around it.

That will help protect it and keep it safe! But in our opinion, it’s worth buying a travel hat clip, as this will save space in your case and keep your hat close at hand should you need it while traveling!

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