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Why beanies can make you Itch

By Taylor James


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Beanies are great accessories, being both stylish and practical, but there is no doubt that under certain conditions they can make people itch.

Beanies can cause itching due to a build up of heat and when air flow over the scalp is restricted over an extended time. Fabrics such as wool can also create itching due to coarse fibres. Wearing a looser fit, softer fabrics and wearing a more breathable beanie can help.

A result of sweating

If you are using a beanie to do exercise it is highly likely you are sweating to some degree. The material your beanie is made from is particularly significant. Artificial materials like fleece are typically far less breathable than natural materials such as cotton. Read more about wearing beanies in warm weather in this article. Some people like to wear beanies while exercising and they can be moisture wicking. Itching will likely only be a problem with extended periods of use.

Coarse fabrics

Some fabrics such as coarse wool will cause itching if directly against the skin. Unlike other hat types, that often have a brim or sweat band, beanies are typically worn directly against the skin. Choosing a fabric that does not irritate the skin is important. A softer wool such as merino wool will help or you can attempt to soften the wool using a conditioner.

A result of having a dry scalp

One of the major reasons why your beanie might make you itch is due to consistent wear which can dry out your scalp and give rise to itching. Keeping your scalp well moisturised with regular washing and conditioning can certainly help. If this is the case it is likely you are wearing your beanie too tightly or the material of your beanie is not breathable.

Stop your beanie from itching

Wear a looser beanie

Making a few minor changes to the way you wear your beanie can make a significant impact on itching. Opt for a looser fitting beanie that allows your scalp to breathe. You may consider a slouchy beanie, especially in warmer weather. Check out this popular slouchy beanie style on Amazon.

Wear a softer material

Some beanies are made from scratchy materials such as coarse wool that can cause itching. A solution here is to wear softer fabrics such as cashmere. While more expensive this soft breathable material might be exactly what is needed to solve your beanie discomfort.

Check out this popular cashmere beanie on Amazon.

Soften your existing beanie

If you don’t want to buy a new beanie you can try to soften a wool beanie by soaking the beanie in detergent. Simply fill up your sink or a bucket large enough for the hat with room temperature to mildly warm water, add a small amount of the Heritage Park Luxury Silk & Wool Detergent from Amazon, and soak the hat thoroughly in the mixture for 10 to 15 minutes or so. Let the hat air dry naturally before putting it back on.

Final thoughts

Don’t let an itchy beanie put you off. When it comes to beanies there is a huge range of versatile styles and fabrics to choose from. Stay away from coarse fabrics, wash your hair frequently and try looser fits.

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