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Dad Hat vs Baseball Cap: Differences Explained

By Taylor James


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Dad hats are most definitely in style. The laid-back appearance without too many flashy logos makes them a popular choice.

A Dad hat is a relaxed and informal variant of the baseball cap. The Dad hat is less formed and has less structure than the hats worn by professional baseball players.

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The Dad Hat Trend Started in the 1990s

It was during the 1990s that dad hats started to become a thing. It became popular amongst university students to throw baseball hats in the wash to create a washed-out look.

They would also curve the brim a bit and wear the hat in a more casual style. During that time, the ’47 sports apparel brand started to mass-produce hats with a worn-out look. 

The Hats Have Been on the Rise Ever Since 2016

Even though different forms of the dad hat have always been around a good while, the hats truly started to gain traction around 2016.

The dad hat played a key role in hip-hop fashion when celebrities such as Drake and Travis Scott started to wear them. Famous models like Kendall Jenner even started to sport the look, and from then on, the dad hat has been iconic. 

Dad Hats Are Becoming More Popular

It is rare nowadays to go out on a shopping spree and not see a dad hat along the way. More and more shops have started to carry variations of the dad hat with different cheesy quotes engraved on the base.

The fashion piece has also taken the world by storm. They are trendy for young people to wear (not only for dads). 

Celebrities Use Dad Hats As Merch

As soon as the fashion piece started to gain popularity, many artists and celebrities started to design dad hats for their merchandise.

Ever since 2016, you could find a dad hat for just about any hip band. The trend is still strong today, with hundreds of YouTubers offering different dad hat designs as well. 

There Are Three Ways To Wear the Dad Hat

Now that they are popular amongst a broad age group, there are now a few known ways to wear the dad hat. 

The first is in a sports setting. You can also wear the hat casually; this is the most popular way to wear it. Finally, men have even started to wear them with tuxedos. 

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