Difference Between a Dad Hat and a Baseball Cap

You’ve probably heard of dad hats, and you’ve heard of baseball caps. Despite the possible negative connotation, dad hats are in style these days. The worn appearance without too many flashy logos makes them a popular choice, but there’s no doubting the look of a classic baseball cap.

The difference between a dad hat and a baseball cap is a dad hat is typically rounded and designed to keep the sun out of your eyes, whereas a baseball cap is typically worn for fashion purposes. Dad hats typically don’t have as much structure as baseball caps, making them look more relaxed.

Throughout this article, you’ll also learn the following details about dad hats and baseball caps:

  • Detailed differences between these two popular types of headwear
  • When you should wear a dad hat or a baseball cap
  • Whether or not dad hats are stylish

Are Dad Hats Different From Baseball Caps?

Dad hats and baseball caps can be the same thing, depending on where you buy them and what’s on them. Some baseball teams sell hats that fit a dad hat’s bill, making it a bit confusing for people looking for either style. Fortunately, you’re in the right place to learn the differences between the two hats.

Here’s a list of five reasons dad hats and baseball caps aren’t too similar:

  • Dad hats typically look much more worn than baseball caps. Some dad hats look worn because they’ve been owned for many years, but it’s not uncommon to find brand-new worn-looking dad hats. It’s part of anesthetic, which is why thousands of people search for dad hats with a rugged appearance.
  • Most dad hats don’t have an interior support liner, unlike baseball caps. The vast majority of dad hats have the same material from end to end (aside from the bill). On the other hand, baseball caps have a dense, durable interior support liner that prevents wear and tear while boosting the crown’s height.
  • Baseball caps have more structure on the bill, whereas dad hats are usually curved. Baseball hats have flat bills to block sunlight without cutting peripheral vision partially. Dad hats have curved bills because they’re designed to block sunshine. They’re geared towards functionality rather than appearance.
  • Dad hats are often slightly oversized or loose compared to the tight-fitting stylish appearance of baseball caps. The big appearance of dad hats makes them look loose, but it’s becoming a fashion choice for many people. Whether you prefer to wear your hat backward-facing down or traditionally, dad hats have their place.
  • Most baseball caps have a higher crown than dad hats. Baseball caps have a tall crown from the previously mentioned structured liner to the excess material around the center. However, it’s not oversized and loose like a dad hat. Both styles take advantage of their size for different purposes.

As you can see, there are plenty of differences between dad hats and baseball caps. They’re called ‘dad hats’ because it’s a typical appearance for a dad mowing the lawn, going to sports events, and so on. However, the relaxed, loose style is making waves in recent years. If you want to learn more about the stylish trend of wearing dad hats, proceed to the next section. Discover more intriguing facts about dad hats here.

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Are Dad Hats Considered Stylish?

It goes without saying you don’t have to be a dad to wear a dad hat. They might’ve been out of style a few years ago, but we can all appreciate relaxed, casual outfits. Dad hats are the perfect addition to countless outfits, which is why they’ve become a staple. If you’ve never worn a dad hat or want to add one to your hat collection, review the following suggestions.

What Are You Wearing?

Your outfit directly affects whether or not you should wear a dad hat. It doesn’t make any sense to wear a nice suit with relaxed headwear. Instead, it would be best if you reserved dad hats for similar clothing. Since dad hats are loose and casual, match them with loose, casual pants and shirts.

Where Are You Going?

It would be inappropriate to show up to a wedding with a dad hat (unless that’s the recommended attire). On the other hand, it makes more than enough sense to wear one to a baseball game, store, mall, or out with some friends. You could also wear them at family barbecues since that’s a huge reason they got their classic title.

Age Doesn’t Matter

Despite the name, you don’t have to be in your 30s or higher to wear a dad hat. They’re stylish for everyone, as long as you check the two previous subheadings. If you’re going to a casual event and have similar clothing picked out, grab your favorite dad hat and have a good time. They don’t squeeze your head, cause headaches, or look like you’re overdressed.

Dad hats should be part of everyone’s wardrobe. Men, women, and children can wear stylish dad hats to all sorts of events. They’re comfortable and don’t draw too much attention. Cap Ora Shop shows you can get customized dad hats or baseball caps, so don’t limit yourself to standard options.

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Which One Should You Choose?

Knowing the differences between dad hats and baseball caps allows you to choose which one fits your style preferences. However, don’t skip either of them. They’re both worth owning since each occasion calls for a different hat. If you’re stuck and not sure which one you should choose, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you a business professional? Although you’re likely not wearing baseball caps or dad hats to work, it helps to maintain high standards in certain careers. Baseball caps are more structured, so they’re often the best choice for people in high-end jobs.
  • Where do you hang out with friends? If you’re always going to the mall, parties, and similar events, a relaxed dad hat is an excellent choice. It shows you have the confidence to boost your style however you’d like. Baseball caps also work, but make sure you don’t wear them backward (most people feel it’s tacky).
  • Do you use hair styling products? If you’re hiding pomade, clay, hairspray, and other products under your hat, you should choose a baseball cap. The high crown limits your hair from getting pressed, saving its style. Dad hats are low on the crown, so they’d smash your hairstyle.
  • Do you like baseball? Baseball caps often have logos that have nothing to do with the sport, but if you want to represent your favorite team, they look much flashier than dad hats. Nothing says fandom like a massive, bright team logo on the center of a high-crown baseball cap.

Again, both styles could fit almost anyone’s wardrobe. If you’re not a hat wearer, follow these questions to determine which one should fit your clothing collection.


Now that you know the stylistic differences between baseball hats and dad hats, you can choose which one fits your wardrobe. Try both since you can mix and max throughout the week. You shouldn’t wear a dad hat to a fancy occasion, while a baseball cap seems out of place in some scenarios.

Here’s a quick recap of the post:

  • Dad hats are suitable for a laid-back occasion.
  • Baseball caps have more structure and design.
  • Most baseball caps have a front lining, whereas dad hats don’t.
  • Dad hats are often slightly oversized and worn in many ways.

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