sun umbrella on beach

Do Umbrellas Provide UV Protection?

Everybody knows that umbrellas are excellent tools for protecting you from the rain and wind. In fact, many people only bring out their umbrellas when the weather forecast includes rain. However, umbrellas can be used in many other ways, including for protection from the sun and harmful UV lights. How …

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Close up of umbrellas in rain

Popular Umbrella Brands for Everyday Use

As Spring approaches, you’re going to need to make sure you’re ready for those April showers with a durable umbrella. There are a few functional things that you absolutely need from an umbrella. You need an umbrella to be water resistant, refrain from turning inside out in the wind, be …

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Sketch of umbrella with a hooked handle

Types of Umbrella Handles Explained

It can be easy to overlook the different features of an umbrella, but they actually have a large impact on the overall durability, ease of use, and appearance of each umbrella. That is especially true for the handles of your umbrella! Handles are made from different materials and designed to …

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Wooden Umbrella

Wood Umbrellas Vs Metal Umbrellas

Choosing the right umbrella for you is a task that is easier said than done. You might notice the wide variety in designs, construction, and special features. That doesn’t even cover the many different materials used and the ways in which they differ. Case in point: the debate between wooden …

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A black automatic umbrella

Automatic Umbrellas Explained

When it comes to buying yourself an umbrella, it can be easy to assume that one size fits at all. As long as they protect you from the elements, aren’t all umbrellas the same? The truth is that there are far more differences and variations between umbrellas than you might …

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Sturdy red umbrella

Features of Windproof Umbrellas Explained

We all know that feeling: you are trying to shield yourself with an umbrella when a sudden gust of wind blows it away! Harsh wind can break or bend umbrellas, or simply make the weather so difficult to avoid that your umbrella doesn’t even make a difference. If you are …

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Women sat under a red umbrella

Umbrellas – Essential Facts

The umbrella has been a societal staple for centuries, protecting heads from torrential downpours and even blocking out blazing sun rays. Umbrellas can be traced back to ancient times, but there’s far more to learn about this everyday accessory. The first umbrella dates back to the Aztec region of Mesoamerica, …

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Lady carrying umbrella and travel case

Umbrellas: Are they Allowed on Planes?

When planning a trip or vacation, it is always wise to prepare by packing all of the essential items you will need on your travels. Some vacationers will rightfully wish to bring an umbrella with them in case of bad weather. Umbrellas are allowed on planes. However, certain types of …

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