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Automatic Umbrellas Explained

By Taylor James


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When it comes to buying yourself an umbrella, it can be easy to assume that one size fits at all. As long as they protect you from the elements, aren’t all umbrellas the same? The truth is that there are far more differences and variations between umbrellas than you might think! One example of this is the automatic umbrella.

Automatic umbrellas are mostly similar to your typical umbrellas, with a few key differences in features. You have probably handled one before, even if you didn’t know at the time that it was an automatic umbrella. There are different types of automatic umbrellas, with some being completely automatic and others only partially.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about automatic umbrellas.

A black automatic umbrella

How Does an Automatic Umbrella Work?

As the name implies, automatic umbrellas will typically have a single button that can be pushed to open (and sometimes close) the umbrella. Standard umbrellas must be pushed open, using one hand to grip the handle and the other to open the frame. In comparison, automatic umbrellas only need one hand to push the button and get ready to go.

Automatic umbrellas work by exerting the same pressure you can create with your hands! A spring or coil is activated when you push the button, extending pressure that forces the umbrella open. Closing the umbrella “reloads” the spring for next time.

It may not seem like much, but automatic umbrellas can be a huge help! For example, anyone struggling with mobility issues will find it much easier to protect themselves from the elements with the simple push of a button. The ease is also appreciated for anyone who just has a lot to carry!

The Repel is one of the most popular automatic umbrellas on Amazon.

Different Kinds of Automatic Umbrellas

Most automatic umbrellas will combine the features of automatic and manual umbrellas. You can use an automatic button to open up your umbrella, but often need to close the umbrella yourself. As we’ve discussed, this helps reload the coil for the next opening. This manual close makes most automatic umbrellas technically “partially automatic”.

For most people, a partially automatic umbrella is perfectly fine! You can use the easy button when opening your umbrella at the start of your journey, and close it with both hands after you arrive at your destination and can rest. But did you know that there are some umbrellas that are completely automatic?

A fully automatic umbrella will utilize buttons to both open and close. These types typically involve machinery rather than simple machines and pressure; this is due to the force needed to properly close an umbrella. As a result, they are often more expensive. This Samsonite umbrella is a good example (Amazon).

Automatic umbrellas present an easy and stress-free method for protecting yourself from the elements. When you need to carry your groceries through the heavy rain, this is the umbrella that you want! Automatic umbrellas are also available in compact and standard sizes, with a variety of designs and appearances.

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