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Do Umbrellas Provide UV Protection?

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Everybody knows that umbrellas are excellent tools for protecting you from the rain and wind. In fact, many people only bring out their umbrellas when the weather forecast includes rain. However, umbrellas can be used in many other ways, including for protection from the sun and harmful UV lights.

How exactly do umbrellas provide UV protection? Keep reading to find out more!

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Why Should We Protect Ourselves From UV Rays?

You might be wondering why it even matters that we try to limit our exposure to UV rays. Many people associate them with feeling warm and getting a tan – how is that bad? In actuality, UV rays can severely damage your skin. They can cause sunburns, give your skin a more aged appearance, and even impact your eyesight.

You do not need to totally protect yourself from UV radiation at all times – that would be practically impossible. However, umbrellas can come in handy for long days outside in the sun where you are most exposed to the harmful side effects of UV radiation. Spending your day at the beach, sitting outside watching a game or visiting with a friend, and other activities would all benefit from using an umbrella.

How do Umbrellas Protect From UV Radiation?

At the most basic level, umbrellas can protect you from UV rays by literally blocking you from the sun. It’s the same as sitting in the shade beneath a large tree; all you really need is an object that can cover you, offer shade, and block the sunlight. With umbrellas, you have that opportunity to carry the shade around with you.

Your umbrella will absorb the majority of the sunlight beating down, leaving you free to enjoy yourself without risking damage to your skin. While some rays of UV light can still hit you from the sides or as reflected light, a simple umbrella can catch more than three-quarters of the UV light.

While using an umbrella, you should still make an effort to protect yourself from the sun. This can include wearing sunscreen, covering up areas that are most likely to burn, and limiting your time in the direct sunlight. An umbrella is a useful tool that can decrease the likelihood of skin damage. The more you use it, the better the overall impacts.

You Must Pick the Right Umbrella

Finally, it is important to note that not every umbrella will be the best for the job. Some are much better at protection than others. For example, you will want an umbrella made of dark and sturdy fabric. Dark colors absorb more light, protecting you from more UV rays. A light (or even clear) umbrella will be less effective.

You will also want to get a larger umbrella, particularly for activities where you will be sitting down. It may be cumbersome, but larger umbrellas will be better for covering all of you rather than just some of you.

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So there you have it! Yes, umbrellas can provide UV protection – as long as you use them wisely.

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