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The Difference Between a Golf Umbrella and a Standard Umbrella

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When you are an avid golfer, you spend a lot of time at the mercy of the elements. The sun, wind, and rain can put a damper on even the most diehard of fans. That is where the golf umbrella comes in! You might be asking yourself: golf umbrella? How is that any different from a regular umbrella?

That is exactly what we will answer today. You may not see it right away, but golf umbrellas and standard umbrellas have a variety of differences that will come in handy on the green. Keep reading to find out all that you need to know.

Woman playing golf carrying a golf umbrella

Size is the Biggest Difference

Although regular umbrellas can come in various sizes, you will find that most are only large enough to protect you and your body – bags and luggage usually end up soaked. That is what golf umbrellas were designed to avoid; they can be big enough to easily shelter multiple people, or at least just one person and their bags.

You will find that golf umbrellas can be up to 30% bigger than standard umbrellas. This is typically measured by the rib – that is, the length of the arc of the umbrella. The rib of a golf umbrella can measure anywhere between two to three feet in length, with an overall diameter of five feet or more.

This impressive size will ensure that you are free to golf to your heart’s content no matter the weather. Just make sure to head inside when it gets severe instead of playing another round!

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Golf Umbrellas Have Sturdier Features

When it comes to their design, golf umbrellas are made of much more stable parts than their standard counterparts. This is due to the fact that golf umbrellas are more likely to be used for long periods of time in a variety of conditions.

For example, the frame of the umbrella is more likely to be made from strong materials like fiberglass, and the fabric canopy will be highly windproof, water resistant, and of overall stronger quality than your standard umbrella.

The design of the umbrella will also be slightly different. Standard umbrellas are more likely to have a curved or hooked handle for ease of holding, while golf umbrellas usually have a straight handle to fit easily into a bag for travel. This can change depending on the specific golf umbrella that you choose, but it is a common feature.

Remember These Essential Differences

Now that you know the difference between your standard and your golf umbrellas, you can choose the best one for you. Instead of huddling beneath one standard umbrella before giving up on playing, use a golf umbrella to make it all the way through. The large size, enhanced design, and different features make it a great tool for any golfer.

When searching for the perfect golf umbrella, consider the overall size and weight before making a final decision. After all, you may be carrying it around for quite some time.

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