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Types of Umbrella Handles Explained

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It can be easy to overlook the different features of an umbrella, but they actually have a large impact on the overall durability, ease of use, and appearance of each umbrella. That is especially true for the handles of your umbrella! Handles are made from different materials and designed to have different appearances, and each type can impact your umbrella differently.

Here are some different types of umbrella handles and what you need to know! We will first review some materials before covering different styles in order to fully explain the many types of umbrella handles!

close up of curved wooden umbrella handle

Different Umbrella Handle Materials

Wooden handles

Wooden handles are definitely the oldest type of umbrella handle out there, and can be carved into a variety of beautiful designs. They are slightly less popular with the wide invention of other materials, but a wooden handle is still considered a classic and durable handle type!

Plastic handles

You will often find plastic handles on umbrellas that are smaller and cheaper than their counterparts. They are highly affordable, but may be easier to damage or break than other types. As long as they are not impacted by brute force, a plastic handle can last for many years.

Aluminum handles

Aluminum is used throughout the entire umbrella, including the frames and general structure as well as the handle. It is incredibly popular due to the fact that it is malleable and lightweight. They also do not rust easily and can last for quite some time! Many modern umbrellas use aluminum handles.

Silica gel handles

Have you ever had to hold an umbrella for a long period of time? If you answered yes, then you have probably felt your hands beginning to hurt or slip. This is the benefit of silica gel handles, which increase grip and comfort. Silica gel handles are usually molded around a “base” layer of metal which holds up the umbrella.

These are the most common or distinctive types of handles that you will use! Other types with similar properties include bamboo and EVA foam handles.

Different Umbrella Handle Styles

Now, let’s look at different styles for umbrella handles and what they mean! These can be made from anything, including the materials listed above.

The hooked handle

This is probably what comes to mind when you think of an umbrella handle: a gentle curve or hook at the very end. It continues to be used today due to the ease of hooking the umbrella on your arm or hanging it off a hook.

Sketch of umbrella with a hooked handle

The C-shaped handle

A “c-shaped” handle forms the letter C at the end of the umbrella, with a small opening in the middle. This design makes it easy to hook your umbrella over your wrist, freeing up both hands.

The straight handle

The final handle design on our list is the straight handle! This eliminates the curved ending and makes it easier to store your umbrella away in a bag.

There you have it! With this information on the different materials and styles used in crafting umbrella handles, you can choose the perfect one for you.

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