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Umbrellas: Are they Allowed on Planes?

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When planning a trip or vacation, it is always wise to prepare by packing all of the essential items you will need on your travels. Some vacationers will rightfully wish to bring an umbrella with them in case of bad weather.

Umbrellas are allowed on planes. However, certain types of umbrellas, such as long, pointy, cane-style umbrellas, will not be permitted to be carried onto a plane, as they can be too easily weaponized and pose a danger while in flight. In the US, the TSA has the ultimate say on what is allowed.

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The Rules for Airplane Carry-On Items

Any time you plan to board an airliner, it is highly recommended that you do a little research into what they do and do not allow on the flight beforehand.

Airplane security is considered a critical issue, and sometimes, items that you might believe to be innocent and harmless may be disapproved for reasons which are not immediately apparent.

At one time, the Office of Transportation Security had disallowed passengers aboard airliners from carrying umbrellas. This was because many umbrellas are long, sharp, and can easily be implemented as a weapon in the wrong hands, which would pose a serious flight risk.

Some umbrellas are even designed to function as self-defense weapons, so, understandably, caution is needed.

Small umbrellas have since been permitted to be carried on flights, provided they cannot be used as a weapon. If you bring an umbrella on board, never open it inside the plane as it would cause a serious obstruction.

Compact folding umbrellas can be carried onto planes and stored in the overhead compartment, but cane-style umbrellas, on the other hand, cannot. So we may conclude that, regarding whether or not an umbrella is allowed on a plane, comes down to the type of umbrella we carry.

You may be asked to remove the umbrella from your bag while it is being x-rayed.

Ultimately though, in the US the TSA officers (transportation security officers) have complete discretion as to what is permitted on the plane, and they possess the authority to make decisions on a case-by-case basis.

In order to determine what items you are permitted to fly with, visit the Transportation Security Association’s website for a complete list.

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Penalties for Airplane Rules Violations

Often, people may be unaware that they have violated a rule, which is understandable; but it is wise to check the TSA website beforehand to be safe.

Depending on the blatancy and severity, luggage infractions may lead to confiscation, fines, flight ejection, or arrest.

Checked-In Baggage

Umbrellas, which are deemed unsafe to be carried onto a plane, may be checked in and stored in the plane’s luggage compartment.

If in doubt, this may be the safest option, especially if you have a fondness for your umbrella and don’t want it confiscated. In most cases, it will be possible to retrieve your umbrella before you encounter any rain after landing.

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