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Difference Between Fedora and Gambler Style Panama Hats

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Panama hats are incredibly popular styles, suitable for a wide-array of different occasions. While a specific kind of hat may come to mind when many people think of a panama hat, there are actually quite a few different types within the overall style. Two of the most popular are the fedora and the gambler style panama hats. So, what is the actual difference between the two?

The single most recognisable distinction between the gambler and the fedora style panama hats is the general shape. While the fedora flaunts its trademark flat brim and pinched crown, the gambler style has a curved edge and can often also have a bigger brim.

This article will go more into detail about the difference between fedora and gambler style panama hats, the pros and cons of each, and how to choose the best option for you.

Fedora Style Panama Hat: An Overview

In itself, the fedora is amongst the most all-time popular hat styles out there. Its pinched crown and small flat brim make for its beloved trademark characteristics. Its status as a true classic makes the fedora appropriate for every occasion.

Panama hats are characteristic in their straw material, many times hand-woven for the best quality. While hats differ in their grades, fedora style panama hats are lightweight due to their material, breathability, and comfort.

They are also highly adaptable to all kinds of different looks, whether you are looking to accessorise a simple outfit or a more sophisticated alternative. You can check out this popular classic style on Amazon.

Pros of Fedora Style Panama Hats

Classic:  This popular style is adaptable and right for any situation.

Lightweight: Breathable straw material will keep you cool and not overheated.

Comfortable: Material is comfortable on the head and style won’t get in the way of your vision.

Cons of Fedora Style Panama Hats

Less sun protection: The short brim of this classic style translates to less coverage and protection from the sun.

Material can be fragile: Depending on the grade/quality of your hat, the straw material can become loose, get pulled, and just be subjected to general wear and tear.

Gambler Style Panama Hats: An Overview

Gambler style panama hats have an undeniable, stylish flair to them. They contain thoughtful details like an all-around curved brim and a flatter crown that is not pinched at the sides.

This style is also made of the traditional panama hat straw material, varying in quality that depends on things like the manufacturer and the overall grade.

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Pros of Gambler Style Panama Hats

Stylish: If you are looking to spice up your outfit and make a statement, this style is the perfect way to do that. While not eccentric, the gambler style gives you an opportunity to elevate your look in an elegant way.

More sun protection: The wider brim with its curved edge provides plenty of protection against those UV rays, even with its lightweight material.

Cons of Gambler Style Panama Hats

Not as versatile: While this gambler style is definitely appropriate for most occasions, it might require some extra thought to be put into your clothes, in order to ensure it’s a good match. If you are just looking to grab your hat and run out of the door, this might not be the perfect style for you.

Less convenient to carry: It is common to have to remove your hat under certain circumstances. Because of its larger size, the gambler style may be slightly more inconvenient to carry around.

Which One Should You Choose?

The styles are fundamentally similar based on their material, classic cream color, and black band around the lower part of the crown. Some people may choose one or the other specifically for features like a larger brim for increased sun protection. Ultimately, however, it mainly comes down to style.

If you are looking to go for a more refined and differentiated look, the gambler style might be for you. If you are more into the classic and traditional, you can never go wrong with the fedora.

Final Thoughts

The fedora and gambler style hats have a few differences between them. These variations manifest greatly in the overall feel of the hats. For a more stylish approach, try something new and go for the gambler! For an everyday, elegant look, the fedora is the perfect choice.

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