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Hat Colors – 5 Things To Consider

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Colors make things more interesting, including hat colors. The color of your hat can be considered a form of self-expression. When selecting a hat color, what things should you consider?

When choosing hat colors, you should consider your outfit’s colors, the season, and what colors are most flattering for your eye color. Think about your hair color and what colors compliment it.

If you want to find the right hat color for your outfit or hair color, keep reading! 

A variety of hats with different colors.

What Colors Are Your Outfits?

Perhaps the most basic rule to follow when selecting which color hat to wear involves your outfit’s colors.

If you’re wearing a bright orange hunting vest, you might want to wear a bright orange hunting cap to be more visible to other hunters. However, if you’re wearing a neutral color, you have more color choices.

Monochrome outfits are also trending, so match a hat with your outfit and you can’t go too wrong.

Woman wearing red outfit and red fedora hat

What Season Is It?

Depending on factors such as weather conditions and the seasons, different colors will be considered in style, while others may not. For example, cooler days and cooler seasons like winter call for darker colors, such as grey or navy blue. 

Woman wearing grey winter hat

As the season turns into fall, maroons and tans are more appropriate. On the opposite side of the seasons, spring and summer call for more bright colors and pastels, like baby blue and yellow. 

Woman wearing yellow summer hat

Of course, black is always in season, especially if that’s your favorite color.

Woman wearing a black hat

What Colors Are Most Flattering for Your Eye Color?

It is important to consider finding a hat color that complements other colors in your ensemble, including your eye color.

For example, individuals with brown eyes may have an easier time finding colors that complement their eyes because they are neutral colors.

On the other hand, eye colors such as blue and green would be more difficult to find a compliment for. If in doubt neutral colors such as white, black, and blue will work with blue eyes. Similarly, white and black can really emphasize green eyes. Strong colors such as red hats can also work with green eyes by adding contrast.

Woman with green eyes wearing a red hat

What Colors Are Most Flattering for Your Hair Color?

Just as it is important to find a hat that either matches or complements your eyes and other colors of your outfit, it is smart to continue building off this idea.

For that reason, the color of your chosen hat should complement your hair color. If you are an individual with brightly colored hair, consider adding a hat with neutral colors or earth tones to complete your outfit. 

Black hair works with most color combinations. For a look that really pops red can work very well and make a big impact.

woman with black hair and red hat

As a general rule, warm and rich-colored hats can work well for brunettes.

Pastel-colored hats work very well for those with blonde or light-colored hair.

Green-colored hats are widely considered a great pairing for those with red hair.

Black works well with almost all colors. For this reason, black is regarded as a highly versatile color.

Woman with red hair wearing a black hat

What Colors Are Most Flattering for Your Skin Tone?

A common theme throughout this article has dealt with the concept of understanding what colors are contributing to your entire outfit. The hat is an accessory, making it one of the final pieces to consider before leaving your house. 

The final item that should be considered when selecting a hat color is your skin tone.

For example, individuals with warm skin tones tend to wear dark-colored hats such as maroon and olive green very well. For individuals with cool skin tones, bright colors, and bold hues are often recommended, such as rose and lavender.


When searching for your best hat color, several factors should be taken into consideration. Some factors that should be considered include the color of your eyes and hair. 

Additionally, it is essential to know which seasonal and spontaneous fashion trends are currently shaking up the fashion world. These considerations will give you the best opportunity to put your most fashionable foot forward.

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