Why Do Deerstalker Hats Have Two Bills?

Throughout the history of fashion, different trends have come and gone. The main differences between some of the most iconic hat styles lie in both the hat’s functionality and fashionability. However, are these factors important in the popularization of the deerstalker hat?

Deerstalker hats have two bills because this design provides ample protection from the sun’s dangerous UV rays. They also keep the ears warm during cold weather. The design originated in 1891 when an illustrator first gave an image to the infamous Sherlock Holmes.

In this article, a number of topics surrounding the deerstalker hat will be discussed, including a brief history of the hat and the main reasons it has two bills.

Deer Stalker Cap
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History of the Deerstalker Hat

Sidney Paget is credited with originally creating the concept for the deerstalker hat. In 1891, he created the illustrations for The Boscombe Valley Mystery, which would soon be published in the Strand Magazine. Upon publication, the illustrations of Sherlock in his iconic garb were widely recognized as such. 

Sherlock Holmes is depicted a number of times in the Boscombe Valley Mystery illustrations while wearing a cape and a deerstalker hat. One of the effects of Paget’s illustrations was that the deerstalker hat became famous because the iconic uniform of the classic detective, including Sherlock, was determined through these early images. Check out these intriguing facts about deerstalker hats in this article.

Why Is It Called a Deerstalker?

The deerstalker hat is best defined as a tight-fitting hat with a brim or visor in both the front and back of the design. The hat is also complete with one flap on each side that may be worn either standing up or hanging down. 

There are a number of reasons for this specific design. However, perhaps the most influential factor in naming the deerstalker hat lies in the idea that the vast majority of individuals who wear the hat enjoy outdoor activities, such as hunting.

Protection From the Sun

The deerstalker hat, as mentioned, is worn primarily during outdoor activities, such as hunting and fishing, and it is common for those activities to last for hours or even a full day. 

Due to those considerations, it is important that ample protection from the sun is present. Individuals who plan to spend extended periods of time in the outdoors should have at least one form of sun protection. 

The deerstalker’s dual-brim design provides protection from the sun for both the face and the back of the wearer’s neck, which is where the main and only difference between the two brims is present. The concept of a built-in brim is, of course, very common in many hat styles today. 

However, the deerstalker hat sets itself apart from other hat styles because it has not one but two protective brims.

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Protection From the Elements

The deerstalker hat has a fantastic reputation as a must-wear for the modern outdoorsman, whether they are avid fishers or hunters or both. Similarly, the deerstalker hat is exceptionally effective at shielding the face and the back of the neck from the harmful effects of exposure to direct sunlight, which is just one reason why the deerstalker hat is so popular among nature dwellers.

In addition to providing exceptional relief from the harmful effects of exposure to direct sunlight, including sunburn and heatstroke, the deerstalker hat offers shelter from a variety of other elements. 

The weather conditions in which the deerstalker hat is especially effective in protecting you against include but is not limited to rain, sleet, snow, and wind because the deerstalker hat’s tight fit design prevents it from flying off of the wearer’s head in the wind.

The Flaps Provide Warmth to the Ears

The deerstalker hat’s design has one large flap attached to each side, which is meant to be worn either standing up or hanging down. While the flaps remaining up is merely a fashion statement for many, there is one main reason why the flaps may be worn down. 

In addition to providing additional protection from the sunlight, wearing the flaps down could protect the ears from cold weather. While a stocking cap can do the same thing, a deerstalker provides a better fashion statement.


There are a few reasons why the deerstalker hat has two bills. However, the most important reason lies in the fact that both bills aid in protecting the wearer from the harshness of the sun’s UV rays. 

Both the front brim and the back brim serve the same purpose, with the only difference lies in the fact that the front brim protects the face while the rear brim protects the back of the neck.

If you have a deerstalker hat and want to play the role of Sherlock Holmes, while being protected from the sun, feel free to do so.