5 Hat Styles That Work With a Triangular Face Shape

Do you have a triangular face shape? If so, you probably have a wide and broad jawline, a narrow forehead, and a flat or square chin. If you want to buy a hat, you may want to keep your face shape in mind. 

Five hat styles that work for triangle face shapes include cloche hats, berets, homburg hats, floppy hats, and newsboy caps. Try to choose a hat that will tone down the harsh angles of your face. Any hat with round accents and a wide brim will work well.

Do you have trouble finding a hat that works best for your face shape? Since there are so many options out there, it can be hard to choose one that will bring out your best features. For those who have a triangle face shape, you have come to the right place, as this article will cover five hat styles that work well for your face shape.

Cloche Hat

Cloche hats were popular in the 1920s. The fitted hat has a round bell shape and sits right at your eyebrows. 

The reason why cloche hats work for triangular faces is that the hat’s round features will soften any harsh angles. It will also cover the forehead, making it appear more proportionate. Discover some intriguing facts about cloche hats here.

cloche hat 1920s style


The beret appeared during the 19th century in Spain and France. Many recognize the flat cap by its round shape and soft material. 

Beret’s have a very distinct round shape. The circular angles will soften harsh lines on your face. If you wear the hat to the side, it will also off-balance your face’s angular symmetry (this will be a good thing). Discover some intriguing facts about berets in this article.

Women wearing a red beret in Paris
Olena Kachmar@123rf.com

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Homburg hats have a single dent that runs down the middle of the crown. They also have wide brims that slightly curl up at the edges. 

Any hat that has a wide, rounded brim will work well for triangular face shapes. The homburg’s brim will take away attention from the bottom half of your face and increase the illusion of balance. The Homburg has an incredible history. Discover some intriguing facts about the homburg hat here.

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Floppy Sun Hat

Perhaps you want to go the full mile and purchase the widest brimmed hat as possible. A floppy sun hat will do that trick! These hats are famous for their large, wide, floppy silhouette. 

With a brim this wide, nobody will notice your broad jawline. If you want to try this look out, check out this FURTALK Womens Sun Straw Hat from Amazon. 

Straw hat
Straw hat -Sandra Cunningham@123rf.com

Newsboy Cap

Newsboy caps were all the rage in the 1900s. However, they are still trendy today and will always look good with a nice sweater and jeans. 

The hat has a full crown and wide brim that will soften the angles of your jawline. This cap will also add some width to narrow foreheads. Discover intriguing facts about the newsboy cap in this article.


There are many hats that you can wear if you have a triangular face shape. The top five hats are cloche hats, berets, homburg hats, floppy sun hats, and newsboy caps. 

When shopping for a hat, try to look for hats with wide brims and full crowns. Hats with rounded features will also help to soften any harsh angles of your face.