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5 Best Hat Styles for Diamond Face Shapes

By Taylor James


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The diamond face is a narrow forehead and chin with a slender face and wide, prominent cheekbones, and it has been called the most desirable face shape for women. But what are the best hat styles for diamond-shaped faces?

The 5 best hat styles for diamond face shapes include:

  1. Fedoras
  2. Pork-Pie Hats
  3. Outback Hats
  4. Cloche Hats
  5. Driver Caps

Let’s look at these hats and see how they can bring out the best in your diamond face. 

1. Fedoras

The fedora gained massive recognition when legendary actress Sarah Bernhardt wore a crown-creased, wide-brimmed felt hat during her star performance in the French drama Fédora. Today fedoras are a popular choice for men and women alike.

Its wide brim adds width to the diamond face’s narrow forehead and draws attention to the angles of your cheekbones and jawline. The pinch-front crown is particularly flattering. 

Keep the fedora set back to highlight your face. 

This Stetson Gurnee from Amazon will look great on diamond-faced men and women alike. Its 2.5” (6.25 cm) brim is wide enough to flatter but narrow enough to be stylish, and it comes in a variety of colors that will work with almost any outfit.  

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2. Pork-Pie Hats

Jazz saxophonist Lester Young and moonlighting schoolteacher Walter White are just two of the many famous pork-pie hat wearers. The small round hats with their narrow brims and top-edge seamed creases are still the epitome of cool and are especially flattering on diamond faces.

The pork pie’s round flat shape adds width to the forehead and strengthens the chin. A shorter crown on the pork pie hat will look better on a long-faced diamond face than the fedora, as it does not elongate the face as much as the fedora’s higher crown.

This Brixton Stout Pork-Pie from Amazon hearkens back to the Rude Boys and Mods who made pork pie hats popular in 1960s England. Its rakish style adds a touch of glamour and raffish charm to any outfit.

3. Outback Hats

Crocodile Dundee and Steve Irwin aren’t the only ones who love these wide-brimmed, narrow-crowned hats. More rugged and outdoorsy than fedoras, these Australian head-toppers are equally flattering on diamond faces. 

The outback’s dipped front and back brim provides shade from the sun and helps cast your features in a soft and flattering light, while the narrow crown’s tendency to lengthen faces is offset by the back-tilted angle at which these hats are traditionally worn.

This Pendleton Men’s Outback Hat from Amazon will keep you comfortable on hikes yet is fashionable enough for a yacht party. The virgin wool will keep your head cool on sunny days and warm on chilly nights.   

4. Cloche Hats

The cloche hat has been a classic since flapper days. 

Dancer and activist Josephine Baker, who had a diamond face, wore her hair short to wear a cloche. The cloche’s rounded and close-fitting shape helps soften the diamond face’s angular lines.  

A cloche adds a touch of glamour and silver screen charm to any outfit and is especially suited for the diamond face. Pair a cloche with some pearls and 1920s ruby-red lipstick, and you’ll have talent scouts knocking at your door.

The Betmar Women’s Cassat from Amazon.com will quickly become a signature piece in your wardrobe. Its asymmetrical lines and pearl-accented grosgrain headband will set off your eyes and cheekbones marvelously.  

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5. Driver Caps

Driver caps, scally caps, paddy caps, ivy caps, bunnets, cheese-cutters–whatever name you choose, the flat-brimmed round cap has been popular in England since the 14th century. The driver cap is not just more stylish than a baseball cap, but it also looks better on diamond faces.

The baseball cap’s jutting flat brim can make the diamond-shaped face look low-browed, but the driver cap’s greater depth and width round hard edges, and its smaller brim highlights your forehead rather than hiding it.

The Stetson Men’s Weathered Leather Ivy Cap from Amazon.com will give you that touch of Gilded Age sophistication with a tweed jacket. Pair it with a T-shirt and jeans, and you’ve got working-class credibility. 

It’s the perfect setting for a diamond face on any occasion.

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