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5 Reasons Why Cowboy Hats are Popular in Texas

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Several factors determine which items or trends are popular in each region. In Texas, for example, the cowboy hat has become a part of the daily dress for many individuals.

The cowboy hat is popular in Texas because it is practical, fashionable, the home of the best brands, and a large part of the state’s history.

This article will share five reasons why the cowboy hat is especially popular in Texas, as well as a brief background of the cowboy hat.

Rustic cowboy hat with old rope and horse shoe.

What Is a Cowboy Hat?

A cowboy hat is best defined as a western-style hat complete with a wide brim and a high crown.

It is often associated with group events and movements, such as the rodeo, the Old West, and both traditional and modern life at the ranch. Softened felt material is typically used to create a cowboy hat.

Cowboy Hats Are Built for the Outdoors

The cowboy hat is often associated with modern-day ranch workers. Regions such as northern Mexico, the southern United States, and the Western United States possess the greatest demand for the cowboy hat.

In areas where wind, sand, and dirt are prevalent, there is a high demand for durable apparel that can withstand such adverse conditions.

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There Are Many Ranchers and Farmers in Texas

The cowboy hat is very popular among ranch workers and farmers alike. In Texas, many individual’s families have been associated with those businesses for generations, so the cowboy hat has a reputation for being durable in the Texas heat and harsh conditions.

Texas Is the Backdrop for Influential TV and Cinema

Hugely popular and influential shows like Rawhide are based in the context of cattle drives from Texas. Staring giants of cinema like Clint Eastwood cemented the image of the ranch worker and the cowboy hat style.

One simple reason behind the popularity of the cowboy hat is that it is a symbol of masculinity, particularly in the American south. But cowboy hats are not just for men, they are worn by the whole family.

Cowboy Hats Are a Large Part of the History of Texas

The cowboy has been at the center of Texan culture for generations. Based on where they live, most Texans grow up with cowboy hats, and since the Old West, the cowboy hat has been the most popular in the state for both functionality and pure fashion.

In 2017, when given the choice, 180 out of the 220 police officers in the Dallas suburbs chose to start wearing a black straw Resistol as part of their official uniform.

The Finest Cowboy Hats are Made in Texas

Garland Texas is the home to the production of two of the finest hat brands in the world. Both Resistol and Stetson are made in the state. The skilled workforce and generations-old production practices ensure the finest hats. These companies also use the finest materials to make time-tested hats.

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Final Thoughts

Cowboy hats are engrained in Texan culture and the people are rightly proud of this fine tradition. Garland Texas, the home to Resistol and Stetson is an embodiment of this tradition.

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