5 Seriously Expensive Hats

It’s no surprise that people take fashion seriously, especially considering it’s our main way of self-expression. But there are many times where things go a little too far, including seriously high prices for something as simple as a hat. 

Some of the top most expensive hats come from brands like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Boot Barn. However, some hats even come from places as widely used as Amazon. These prices can range anywhere from $100 to as high as $5000, depending on the brand.

So if you’re ready for your jaw to drop at these crazy prices, get ready to read on. You’ll find that people are almost willing to pay anything to look good.

Stetson Men’s El Patron Western Hat

Let’s start small and work our way up. When it comes to Amazon.com, they have everything from A to Z. On their website, the most expensive hat they have is the Stetson Men’s El Patron Western Hat. It comes in 6 different sizes, and the price ranges from $300 to $500, depending on the size. But this is only the least expensive on the list.

For more affordable price, one of the most popular Stetson models is this Bozeman Outdoor

LV Ahead Beanie

Next up, we have Louis Vuitton, a brand that’s known for having expensive items. They have the LV Ahead Beanie. And to think that beanies would be exempt from high prices… I guess not. It comes in 2 colors: black or grey. Both are out of stock. This is shocking because the beanies cost $560 each. You could just get a pack of beanies at Walmart for like $10-$20! Either way, it seems to be popular, but it’s not the most expensive.

Wool & Eco Fur Wide Brim Hat

It’s not surprising that Gucci made the list, considering they’re a pretty popular brand that’s well-known for their high prices. Many famous/rich people swear by this brand. On their website, they have the Wool and Eco Fur Wide Brim Hat. It comes in 4 different sizes, each costing $770. Luckily, they offer monthly payments with Affirm so that you can pay it off slowly. But this still isn’t the most expensive hat on this list.

Cashmere Bucket Hat

Yet another well-known expensive brand is Prada. Their Cashmere Bucket Hat is designed with the Prada logo and costs $1,100. Only three sizes are showing up to be available in-store/online, from small to large. Either way, this is pretty expensive for a hat. Depending on your family size, you could get two months’ worth of groceries for that price. But still, this isn’t the most expensive.

Stetson Men’s Diamante Cowboy Hat

Finally, the most expensive hat I could find on the internet. Another Stetson hat? Wow. While Amazon had one that went for nearly $500, this intriguing hat costs just under $5000 on their website. Say what now? I know, that’s pretty expensive. It comes in 2 colors and a variety of different sizes. Luckily, they have Affirm, so you can make monthly payments on this instead of your groceries. Doesn’t that sound fun? Read more about why Stetson hats are expensive here.


There are some seriously expensive hats out there. The prices range from the hundreds to the thousands, even skyrocketing from there depending on the brand. As you can tell, some people really take fashion seriously.

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