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Best Hijab Fabrics to Wear in Summer

By Taylor James


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Every woman has the right to look classy and glamorous. Dressing up modestly does not stop anyone from looking less beautiful. 

Hijab, the emblem of modesty, is an identity on its own. It is celebrated with all kinds of casual, formal, and streetwear looks. Clothing a hijab in different styles can change your fashion game for good! These headcovers are certainly not easy to carry in the hot summer season. We bring you some breathable and light fabrics that fulfill the purpose of wearing a hijab and still bring out your A-game in fashion. 

These fabric options for hijabs are tried and tested for the hot summer season and ensure that you are a chic and modest woman. 

Jam with Jersey 

Clear some space in your closet for jersey hijabs in the hot summer season! They get 10 points for comfort and another 10 points for style as well. The super thin and breathable fabric keeps you cool all day long. It absorbs the heat and keeps your head and neck sweat-free. The best thing about this fabric is that it does not slip. This premium jersey option on Amazon is a great example.

Pro tip: The lightweight fabric is perfect for making any style without pins! Yes, you heard that right! So, next time you are going for a workout session at the gym or heading out for errands, just drape it casually on your head, and you are set for the day!

Versatile Cotton

Cotton fabric hijabs are made from natural breathable fibers. They give you a light and airy feeling even with voluminous styles. You can never go wrong with this soft fabric. 

There are a lot of variations available in the market. There are premium and rippled variations of this cool fabric. Day, or night, these cotton goodies can let you gracefully pull off any look. The textured crinkle cotton feels very different and gives a softer finish. The premium cotton fabric brings out a luxe look, but you can also wear it every day. Check out this popular cotton option on Amazon.

Pro tip: Style the cotton fabric with layers to get that elegant and comfy look in the hot summer season! The slight stretch will play in your favor, giving you some extra points for chicness. 

Simply Silky

Heading for a girls’ night out or an event with glitz and glamour? The silky hijab is the perfect choice to make a statement. It is soft, smooth, and shiny to make your evening even better! Make your crown stand out in this fabric with printed numbers as well. They look like a work of art combined with your beauty, exuding a royal feel. 

Pro tip: Go for lighter colors in the summer season to let the light reflect and bounce back with utter sophistication. 

Check out this satin Hijab by Hanah on Amazon.

The Superior Viscose

The viscose fabric is made with rayon and has a very soft feel. It is basic but perfect for any event! The lightweight material is great for voluminous hijab styles, even in summer. You can wrap it around your head all day long without feeling humid and stuffy. Check out this popular viscose style on Amazon.

Pro tip: The fabric gives good coverage, so you can wear it effortlessly without an under cap.

Chic Chiffon

Chiffon is all about stealing the limelight with its versatility! If you love the draping style, then chiffon is perfect for you! It falls elegantly around the head and neck, giving you bonus points for the subtle feminine look. The material is slightly sheer, so you have to wear a hijab cap underneath. Check out this popular chiffon option on Amazon.

Pro tip: If you are looking for a minimal yet classy look, then drape a chiffon fabric over your head for a fabulous evening!

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