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How Cowboys Keep Their Hats From Flying Away

By Taylor James


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When you think of the iconic cowboy, you likely imagine a gentleman on horseback wearing chaps and carrying a lasso rope to catch cattle. And, of course, his signature cowboy hat for protection and to tip to ladies he encounters through town. You likely don’t picture him chasing his cowboy hat as it flies in the wind like a tumbleweed.

Wondering how cowboys keep their hats on is a reasonable curiosity, considering they are often outside or riding forty miles per hour on horseback. If you are not an experience hat-wearer, you will need a few tips and tricks to avoid any hat mishaps. Continue reading to learn more about how to keep a cowboy hat on your head and, as a result, keep your cool.

1. Finding the Right Fit

Perhaps one of the most crucial elements to consider is how your cowboy hat fits you. A good rule of thumb to follow is to make sure your hat is comfortably snug to your head’s circumference. This will ensure that you have less chance of chasing down your hat like cattle.

Are you serious about your cowboy fashion? Then, consider getting a custom-fitted cowboy hat tailored by a professional.

2. Stampede String

If you really want to ensure your hat remains in place, stampede strings may be the way to go. Stampede strings are wrapped around the crown of your cowboy hat and are tied under the chin to keep the hat from flying away while you’re on horseback. This accessory is also adjustable, allowing you to find your perfect fit.

To attach a stampede string to your hat, you’ll want to insert an eyelet in the hat where the brim meets the crown. Then feed the string through the eyelet and wrap it around the hat. Some hats may even come with their own chin straps.

So, whether you’re planning to wear a cowboy hat when you go horseback riding or wear it as a fashion accessory, with these tips, you can rest assured that it will stay on your head where it belongs.

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