The Differences Between a Newsboy Cap and an Ivy Cap

flat cap on hanger

The wide variety of hats available today and present throughout history makes it easy to get similar styles confused. Amongst these common mix ups are the newsboy cap and the ivy cap, both similarly structured hats that have been used for multiple purposes and seen numerous popularity peaks over time. …

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What Type of Hats Do Leprechauns Wear?

leprechaun hat

Leprechauns are known around the world, easily recognizable by their traditional green attire and red hair. Just like for many other cultural characters that have spread across the globe, some of the features and characteristics of the leprechaun have been moulded and developed throughout the years into a different style …

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Why You Should Never Wear a Green Hat in China

Chinese woman wearing a hat

It’s always intriguing to learn about the cultural aspects of a new country – but it can be especially fun when you don’t have to embarrass yourself in the process! When visiting China, for example, stay away from green hats. Yes, you read that right. Green hats worn by people …

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6 Steps of Hand Blocking in Hat Production Explained

hat blocks

Hand blocking is a well-known term in the hat making industry, and is the preferred method of production for many traditional hat makers still around today. Hand-blocked hats tend to come at a higher cost, and it’s not hard to understand why. In order to get into the details of …

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Different Styles of Berets Explained

woman wearing a beret in Paris

Berets are one of the most recognisable hats in the world! Although the history of the beret goes back to 1800s France, this hat has donned the heads of fashion icons, like Greta Garbo, since the 1920s. Since then, the beret has grown wildly in popularity. This hat can be …

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