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Baseball Caps – 5 Most Popular Types

By Taylor James


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Americans love baseball caps! Although this love certainly stems from America’s favorite pastime, it doesn’t stop there. Baseball caps are fashionable and functional. You can take any look from plain to sporty by simply adding a baseball cap. 

You might have thought that there’s only one type of baseball cap on the market, but there are actually several takes on the classic baseball cap that you can purchase! Each type has a different fit and style that can compliment your outfit. 

What are the most popular types of baseball caps? Here are a few favorites, so you can pick and choose your baseball cap style for your next outing. 

1. Sports Baseball Cap 

Let’s start with the origin of baseball caps. Baseball caps were created for sportsplay. The brim keeps the sun out of your eyes, so you can make the game winning catch. The tight fit of the baseball cap ensures that you can slide into home base without losing your hat. 

Sports baseball caps are functional and often come emblazoned with your favorite team. If you purchase a team sanctioned baseball cap, you’ll be paying a few extra dollars for the team’s logo. That being said, you’ll also be paying for a high-quality make that could last for years if not generations. 

2. Snapback Baseball Cap 

Say that ten times fast! Tongue twister aside, the snapback baseball cap is a very classic style. The back of the cap comes with adjustable snaps, so you can size it to a custom fit. These types of caps usually only come in one size due to their adjustable nature. 

Snapback baseball caps are great for kids and pre-teens who are growing rapidly. They’re also great for adults who have smaller or larger than average head circumferences. If you’re hoping to buy a baseball cap as a gift, a snapback cap ensures you get the sizing right every time. 

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3. Fitted Baseball Cap

Unlike that snapback baseball cap, the fitted baseball cap can’t be adjusted to fit the wearer. For this reason, it’s important to know the person’s head size before buying a fitted cap. 

Thankfully, fitted baseball caps come in a variety of sizes, so you can pick what works best for you. You can pick a snugger fit or a looser fit based on your personal preference. A fitted baseball cap looks a little slicker than a snapback, because there’s less “hardwear” associated with this headwear. This means that the fitted baseball may be the more fashionable choice if you’re going for a casual look. 

4. Five Panel Baseball Cap 

The regular baseball cap wasn’t cool enough for hipsters, so they put their own spin on this classic hat. Five-panel refers to the number of pieces of material sewn together to create this hat. It still comes with the classic baseball bill, but the construction of the hat makes it look distinct. Live out your hipster dreams with a five panel baseball hat. 

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5. Ponytail Baseball Hat 

Whether you’re sporting a ponytail or a manbun, you’ll find that putting your hair up isn’t conducive to wearing a regular baseball hat. That’s why the ponytail baseball hat was invented. There’s a hole stitched into the hat that allows you to wear your hair in a ponytail or bun without discomfort. This is great for people with long hair who love to be active outside. 

The baseball hat has evolved past its initial design. Whether you’re looking for fashion or function, try out a type of baseball hat you’ve never worn. You may have a new favorite hat in the end.

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