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The Cattleman Crease Cowboy Hat Explained

By Taylor James


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Move over spurs and chaps; the most iconic part of a cowboy’s wardrobe has got to be the cowboy hat. Both functional and fashionable, the cowboy hat is a classic part of the Western look. 

Western aficionados know there’s more to the cowboy hat than meets the eye. The most common crease variations include the Cattleman. There’s the Gus Crease, the Biggs Crease, and the Quarter Horse Crease, to name a few. 

Cattleman cowboy hat crease

However, if there’s one crease to know, try to remember the Cattleman Crease. Before heading out West, you should know about the Cattleman Crease. 

What does the Cattleman Crease look like? 

You can differentiate creases on the top of cowboy hats by observing the indentations or creases. You can tell a lot about a hat depending on how deep, wide, how many, and the placement of the indents.

The Cattleman Crease can be identified by the deep crease in the center, with two more shallow creases on the side. A Cattleman Crease hat is the way to go if you’re looking for a classic cowboy hat. 

Stetson Open Road showcasing the Cattleman crown (Amazon).

Why is the Cattleman Crease important? 

Historically, the Cattleman Crease is the most classic cowboy hat crease and goes back to the late 19th century. This crease style allowed ranchers to stand out from those wearing rodeo-style hats. 

The Cattleman Crease is considered the most gentlemanly style of cowboy hat. Depending on where you are in the Americas, it can be worn in various settings like parties and even formal events. 

Why is the Cattleman Crease functional? 

The Cattleman’s Crease was born out of a place of function and then turned into a fashion statement.

Cowboys wanted a hat they could easily pull down tighter onto their heads during inclimate weather. They needed a hat design to ensure their hat wouldn’t blow off in the wind. Thus, the Cattleman Crease was created with its taller and narrower crown.

The hat can also be removed with one hand.

Who should wear a Cattleman Crease? 

Anyone can wear a Cattleman Crease hat. Again, it’s a great pick if you’re attending an event out West. Just make sure to check the dress code. 

If you spend real time amongst cowboys, you may notice that different ranches prefer different creases. Creases are sometimes used as identifiers because some creases are more useful than others for different jobs. 

You really can’t go wrong with a Cattleman Crease. If you’re new to the area, you’ll fit right in wherever you go. 

Where can you purchase a Cattleman Crease hat? 

The Cattleman Crease is so common that anywhere that’s selling legitimate cowboy hats should carry a Cattleman Crease cowboy hat. If you go into a store, you’ll look like a pro if you can name a few creases you’d like to try on for size. 

Resistol Wildfire Cattleman Crown – Amazon.

Can the Cattleman Crease come with different brims? 

Just because you’re getting a hat with a Cattleman Crease doesn’t make you beholden to a certain brim. Flange brims and “u-shaped” brims are most commonly paired with the Cattleman Crease. This may vary from hat company to hat company, so make sure you try on every version before making a final decision.

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