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New Era Hats: 9FORTY vs 9TWENTY

By Taylor James


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At first glance, the New Era 9Forty and 9Twenty might look the same, and granted they do. However, there are a couple of distinguishable differences which can help tell them apart.

Today we’re delving into the key features of both, there are certainly some similarities but there are two key differences; crown structure and size ranges, let’s have a look. Starting with the New Era 9Forty.

The New Era 9FORTY

The New Era 9Forty is a nice mix between the 39Thirty and 9Fifty styles. It has a low profile six panelled structured crown, with a pre-curved visor, this is what gives it a 39Thirty look. What makes it a 9Forty is the adjustable back. The 9Forty can have three different styles of adjustable back; snapback, strap back or velcro, most classic sports team hats will have a velcro adjustable back.

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The New Era 9TWENTY

Now let’s look at the New Era 9Twenty. What sets it apart from other New Era hats is that it has an unstructured crown. It’s labelled as being a more relaxed, vintage style hat, and is a popular choice for New Era when creating throwback, old-school designs.

Unlike the 9Forty which comes in a size range, the 9Twenty only comes in one size, and comes with either snap, strap or velcro backs to help the wearer adjust it to their head for that snug, comfy fit.

The New Era 9Twenty is often made from a washed cotton, which gives it that well-worn look popular with those that want a more relaxed fit that pays homage to the older style baseball cap.

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Which hat is best for me?

With two key differences it should be pretty straight forward to pick which of these hats is right for you. If you would want a hat that is more structured, with a slightly higher profile and a more secure fit, the New Era 9Forty is a great option.

If you’re looking to represent the vintage baseball cap style, and a hat where you don’t have to worry as much about keeping its shape then the New Era 9Twenty is a strong contender. When it comes down to fit, it’s all about personal preference, like with most things! Want structured? Go for the 9Forty. Want relaxed? Go 9Twenty? Really not sure? Try both and see which one you like the most!

Whilst the New Era Hat Company is most well known for the infamous 59Fifty, its other range of hats are really popular amongst sports players and sports fans globally. Take some time to explore other ranges such as the 9Forty and 9Twenty and discover which of the New Era hats are best for you.

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