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New Era Hats: The 9FORTY Explained

By Taylor James


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There is no doubt that New Era hats have had a lasting impact on headwear as we know it, becoming a streetwear staple on album covers and baseball stadiums alike. As the biggest name in Major League Baseball hats, there is a New Era cap for everyone. However, with so many styles and types to choose from — 9FORTY, 9FIFTY, 59FIFTY, and more — finding the perfect New Era hat can be overwhelming.

Today, we are setting our sights on the ever-popular New Era 9FORTY. Here’s what you need to know:

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What is the 9FORTY?

The 9FORTY is one of New Era’s many iterations on the classic baseball cap, featuring:

  • A fully adjustable, open back with closure, ensuring that you can adjust the hat for your perfect fit.
  • Structure throughout, with additional support in the front panel which prevents wrinkling and holds the cap’s shape.
  • Gently contoured crown with smooth seams, creating that perfect round silhouette.
  • A full visor that is already curved (as opposed to flat). This means that your 9FORTY is ready to wear, without any need to break in the hat yourself.

Considered to be a combination of the New Era 39THIRTY and 9FIFTY styles, the 9FORTY keeps a low profile while still looking stylish. The 9FORTY is also a bit more customizable than your average fitted cap, as it is available in multiple closure types — such as a strap, velcro, or snapback — making it suitable for all hair types and comfort levels.

However, there is one big drawback to the 9FORTY depending on your anatomy. Though the low profile, adjustable hat is a great everyday, casual option, it may be too low profile depending on the size of your head.

In fact, some customers feel that the 9FORTY looks unproportionally small or that it simply does not offer enough coverage for those with larger head sizes. For that reason, if you wear a hat size of 7 ¾ or larger or prefer a more full-coverage fit, you may want to pass on the 9FORTY and shop New Era’s fitted styles with more substantial profiles instead, such as the 39THIRTY Stretch-Fit or the 19TWENTY.

How is the 9FORTY different from other New Era styles?

Still not sure if the New Era 9FORTY is the right fit for you? With so many styles to choose from, we don’t blame you! Check out this table to see how the 9FORTY compares to the brand’s other styles:

Curved VisorYesNoNoYesYesYesNo
Suitable for larger head sizes (above 7 ¾)NoYesYesYesNoNoYes

Overall, the New Era 9FORTY is a fantastic cap for anyone looking for a multi-purpose hat that looks great in the backyard and the baseball stadium, provided you don’t need a larger size.


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