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Melin Hats – Why They Are Popular

By Taylor James


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Melin is known as the new kid on the block, but in the nine years they’ve been manufacturing hats they’ve made their stamp on the industry. The underpinning goal for the brand was to fill the gap in the high-end market, which many other brands were missing. Melin hats are made from premium materials and are paving the way for a higher end, luxury hat industry.

Setting itself apart from other hat brands

Melin have three focal points when designing a hat for their range; materials, details, and innovation. Melin does carry a much higher price bracket than the likes of Nike and New Era, but what you do pay for is absolute top quality. Melin might be a new brand on the market, but it’s making waves and is proving popular with hat enthusiasts all over the globe. Let’s delve into some of their most popular designs.

The Hydro Hat

The Melin Hydro Hats are one of the most popular Melin hats on offer. Unlike other brands that are big in the hat market, Melin are big on technology. The Hydro Hat has been designed for those who live busy, outdoor lifestyles. Each Melin Hydro Hat has hydrophobic technology built in, along with a buoyant visor, moisture-wicking lining, and an antimicrobial sweatband. These hats are built to last and are arguably the most comfortable and breathable on the market. And what’s more, Melin cares about those little details, and they feature a ‘stash pocket’ in the crown, which can be handy to carry small personal items on the go.

Melin Hydro hat on Amazon.

Stay warm with the thermal range

In general baseball caps aren’t always great for those chilly winter months, enter the Lumberjack. A Sherpa fleece lined, thermal cap that’ll keep you warm on those colder days. Melin handpicked materials like cotton flannel, Sherpa fleece and genuine Nappa leather to create this design which is proving popular and is something a little different than what’s already available in the cap market.

Not a cap fan? Then you’ll want to check out the range of Melin beanies on offer, there really is a hat for every climate when it comes to Melin.

Top materials

Melin hand pick all the materials for all their designs and will accept nothing but the best. Melin have designed stylish hats, which can also withstand life’s adventures, setting them apart from other hat brands. They also have a great size range, which are designed to fit different face or head shapes, giving you a more customised fit.

Beyond Style

Melin are popular because they look beyond style, and they back it up with the highest quality products. They pride themselves on style, comfort and quality, and the price tag reflects that. The brand is still young, but they are already making their mark, their annual revenue is already estimated at $5-10million annually. If you haven’t already purchased a Melin hat, now is a great time to do so, the brand is on its way to great things.

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