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How To Hide Long Hair Under a Hat

By Taylor James


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There are a lot of reasons that you might want to hide your long hair under a hat. Maybe you’re looking to shake up your Fall and Winter 2021 style, but don’t want to commit to a big chop. You also might want to tuck your hair into your hat if you’re hoping to go as a certain character to a Halloween outing. Perhaps the most likely reason you want to hide your hair under your hat is that the weather isn’t ideal and you want to protect it from rain and snow or you’re just having a bad hair day. Whatever your reasoning, here’s how you can hide your long hair under a hat. 

1. Braid it up 

Braids aren’t just fashionable, they can also be functional if you’re hoping to hide your hair under a hat. Braiding your hair may be the best way because it doesn’t create extra bulk. Since your braids will be smooth and tight, your hat will still fit on your head without any lumps or bumps. For best results make two or more french or box braids. Then, pin the part of the braids that hangs down to your scalp. This technique should work with all types of hats, even tight-fitting fedoras since braiding is how people hide their natural hair for wigs.

woman wearing braids with a hat

2. Practice your patience with buns 

If you’re not an expert braider, that’s okay. Another viable option is to put your hair into buns. If your hat is larger and you don’t mind a lump, you can do just one or two buns. If you need your hair to lie flat, section small areas of your hair, wrap it around your finger, and then pin your hair down. This technique may take a while, but should yield great results. Larger buns are the most viable option for hats that are made from a looser material. This will ensure that that hat fits over your hair and is still comfortable while you wear it. 

woman wearing a hat with hair bun

3. Lean on the classic ponytail

The ponytail is a classic hairstyle for people with long hair. This go-to look can also help you hide your hair underneath your hat. Pull your hair back into a tight, high pony and secure it with a strong elastic. From there, simply tuck the ends into your hat. As long as your hat has a little room, you should be able to hide your hair fairly well. 

woman wearing hat with ponytail

4. Tuck it up

If you’re running late or just don’t know if you have the hair skills to hide your long hair with the other techniques, no worries! All you have to do is tuck it inside your hat. This technique will work great with a soft hat, like a beanie, because your hair won’t sneak out. The stretchy material should keep it contained. 

Hiding long hair under your hat isn’t difficult. You have a lot of options! All you have to do is choose which one fits best with your skill and comfort level. The kind of hat you’re wearing will also determine which technique is better. Have fun changing up your style and keep experimenting until you find a technique that works.  


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