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Does Wearing a Hat Cause Split Ends?

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One of the best ways to fight the winter freeze when you’re spending time outside or in a cold indoor venue is by wearing a winter hat. Winter hats keep you comfortable in low temperatures, and are also a great way to add a little Winter 2022 fashion to your overall outfit. However, is wearing a winter hat good for your hair’s health? Here’s what you should know about wearing your hats this season. 

Can wearing a hat cause split ends? 

Unfortunately, wearing a hat frequently can cause split ends and breakage. Every time you take your hat on or off, it pulls a little on your hair strands. If this action is done frequently enough—like all winter long—it can cause unwanted damage to your luscious locks. You should be particularly cognisant of the damage that winter beanies can do. Beanies are more likely to cause damage after repeated wear, because they’re form fitting and have more contact with the surface of your hair, unlike other types of hats

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Should you continue to wear beanies if they can cause damage? 

Of course you can still wear beanies all winter long if you live somewhere cold. You just need to be aware that hair damage can be a problem if not addressed properly. There are plenty of simple solutions to preventing hat damage to your hair if you need/want to wear a beanie all winter. 

Simple ways you can prevent damage to your hair and still wear your favorite beanie. 

Protecting your hair is easier than you think. Here are a few tips for healthy winter hair, so you can wear your beanie whenever you want:

Opt for a beanie with a satin lining.  

A satin lining in your beanie can help to protect your hair from breakage. Satin is much softer than the materials usually used on the outside—and sometimes inside—of winter hats, like wool. Wool is great for keeping you warm, but can cause breakage. A satin lining is the way to go, so you roll into Spring with a healthy head of hair. Read more about the advantages of satin lined beanies.

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Take supplements during the winter. 

During the winter, it can be difficult to get useful Vitamins and nutrients from their natural source, like Vitamin D from sunlight. For good hair growth and strong locks, consider taking supplements of Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. You should also consider taking iron or getting it naturally from spinach, lentils, clams, or oysters. Zinc is also great for supporting hair repair

Condition your hair, so it doesn’t dry out. 

Dry hair is more likely to be damaged by hat wearing. Make sure you’re conditioning your hair every day, and consider using a conditioning hair mask once a week, especially if you have color treated hair. Consider using a little conditioning spray before you put your hat on to keep your hair silky and hydrated. 

Alternate with a hat with a looser weave. 

A looser weave with less elastic will cause less damage. By alternating your hat with a hat with a loose weave, you’re less likely to experience split ends. 

Build in rest days when you can. 

Just like you’d take a rest day from the gym, you should also build in a rest day for your hair. If you need to go outside, consider wearing the hood of your coat up, so your hair can take a breather. 

Hats can cause split ends, especially in the winter, but if you take the necessary precautions, you should be just fine. Remember to pick a hat that’s lined with less damaging material, nurture your hair during this time, and give your hair a break whenever you get the opportunity.

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